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Reviews for Top 6 best Wireless Car Charger 2019 [copy link]


Smartphones enable us to communicate with each other in a convenient way. But sometimes, you may encounter a situation that your smartphone is out of battery easily due to your frequent use. Therefore, we have to take car charger with us to prevent the hassle happening. Wireless car charger is a popular product to bring much convenience to our life. Here below are the best wireless car charger 2019 highly recommended to you.

1. GEMWON Car Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

180° phone mount holder with adjustable function is equipped along with this best wireless car charger mount. This wireless charger is applicable to Android device and iOS device. Before using GEMWON car magnetic wireless car charger, you must check whether your phone has a function of wireless receiving. Your phone cannot be charged when the magnetic is pasted on the back of a phone with phone case. So, the correct way is that the magnetic paster should be stick on the phone back with no obstructive stuff. This product is designed with a full protection function to prevent over charge, over voltage and short circuit, etc. Its built-in chips in small size can adapt itself to the currents required by various kinds of devices. Your phone is just needed to be put on the wireless car charger mount, the charging will begin automatically.

2. Squish Wireless Car Charger

This wireless car charger is easy to be mounted, your phone can be held firmly and get charged in a quick way. The Squish wireless charger has a 360 degree in rotation, which offers a great view to the users with flexibility and comfort. Users are able to have a good experience in sliding their phones into the holder of charger to get the phone charged after it is held automatically. The Squish wireless charger car mount is applicable to all mobile devices. It can be mounted in your car or your office or no matter where.

3. iOttie Wireless Car Charger with One Touch 4

This is regarded as one of the greatest wireless car chargers for android. Moreover, it can be used as a holder for phone. You can mount this wireless charger on dashboard or windshield or other places as you like. No matter what place you want to mount, its suction cup will do a great help in sticking it firmly. Make sure that the temperature of surface is below 40F before mounting this wireless car charger. The suction cup must be kept in place within half an hour so that the maximum security can be ensured by the strong suction.

4. Andobil Wireless Car Charger

This wireless car charger for iPhone is easy-to-use and has a great function of automatic clamping. It can be mounted anywhere as you need in car. You are allowed to get this charger locked or unlocked with one hand operation. Due to the technology of anti gravitation,your phone can be held by this charger in a suitable place. Also, it is easy for you to slide your phone in an easy way. When your phone is put into the charger clamp, the wireless charging will start for your device with Qi-enabled. Its built-in smart chip takes a good effect in minimizing the over-current and short out risk.

5. Cornmi Wireless Car Charger

This car charger supports all mobile devices with Qi-enabled, it is one of the best wireless car chargers for iPhone with 10W charging, while for Android mobile phone, 7.5W charging can be used. The coils installed in this car charger offers an extremely quick charging with no overheat. Phones can be kept in place due to its strong holders. All the mobile devices can be made sure to stay vertically in this car charger all the times.You just need to place your phone between the two holders and automatic clamping,then your phone can be fixed with the suitable width and height perfectly.

6. Renbon W5 Wireless Car Charger

This charger is a magnetic charger which is not only used in car, but also it can be installed anywhere you like apart from the car. It can be attached on the dashboard, the air vent, your night table or any anywhere you need. An addition like a metal ring is offered to make this car charger adapt to the mobile device with a thick case. If the magnetic force is not strong enough to support your phone, the metal ring would be a good use to solve this problem.


The above wireless car charger review let us know what is the fast wireless car charger in 2019, if you like, go to get one for yourself and enjoy its convenience to your daily life. GEMWON Car Magnetic Wireless Car Charger is an ideal product for your prior consideration.

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