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How to Use i9s Bluetooth Earbuds [copy link]


Maybe you are trying to buy a Bluetooth wireless headset, and you don't know how to choose it in the face of a variety of models. Of course, the best option is to buy apple airpods but the expensive price of US$159 may scare you. In this case, then i9s best wireless earbuds 2019 is the perfect replacement for apple airpods. The i9s earbud is almost identical to the design AirPods. They are identical in shape and the openings are in the same position.

Part 1: i9s TWS Airpod Instructions

Product: i9s TWS Wireless

Color: White

Product Weight: 0.130 kg

Material: ABS

Sound: True Stereo

Usage: Earbuds

Bluetooth version: V4.2 + EDR

Bluetooth Level: L2 and L3

Bluetooth distance: 10 meters


Bluetooth protocol: Support HFP1.6 / A2DP1.3 / HSP1.2 / AVRCP1.6 / D11.3

Noise Reduction: CVC6.0 intelligent noise reduction

Microphone sensitivity: 42Db

Headphone charging time: 1-2 hours

Single use time: Comes with 300mAh, 2-4 hours

Pair use time: 1-3 hours (depends on volume level/ music type etc)

Compatibility: Android / iOS / windows phone


1. Storage bag

2. Charging cable

3. Charging box

Bluetooth version:

Bluetooth 5.0 chip: connection is more stable ---- Stable transmission,Low-power, Compatibility.


Single/binaural wear: Both the left and right ears have Bluetooth headset function. Both earbuds have sound when calling, and can be used alone or in pairs.

Binaural talking: Free your hands and safer to drive.

Sound quality: surround sound, with CVC6.0 noise reduction, enjoy high-definition music.

Comfortable to wear: Ergonomically designed for a stable and comfortable listening effect during exercise or walking, suitable for running or other outdoor sports.

Part 2: How to Connect i9s TWS to iPhone

2.1 Binaural Pairing:

1) Both earbuds are used at the same time and pressed the two earphone keys the same time. Both earphones have red and blue lights flashing.

2) Long-press one of the earbuds will have a voice prompt that it is ready to pair.

3) Open the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and search for the i9s wireless earbuds.

4) Search for the I9S-tws device and connect to the headset and the mobile phone.

2.2 One Earbud Pairing:

1) The left and right earbuds can be used separately. Press and hold the earphone function button until the red and blue light flash.

2) Turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth and searching the I9S-tws Bluetooth headphone.

3) Search for the I9s-TWS and click the connection to complete the connection between the earphone and the mobile phone.

There would be reminding voice saying "connected", then you could enjoy music or making phones calls, it supports reporting incoming calls.

Part 3: Waterproof Rating i9s Airpods vs Apple Airpods

The I9s IP rating is 6, which means they can prevent water damaged easily - but it doesn't mean you can wear it to swim. Apple airpods are not waterproof and therefore easier to suffer water damage.

Part 4: Use i9s TWS Smart Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

1) Listening to music: Be sure the earphone connected with your mobile phone, then you can listen to music on your music list. Shortly press the power button to stop the music and replay by press again.

2) power off: Long press the power button until led light in red, the Bluetooth earbuds enter off mode. It would be power off automatically when the earphone away from your Bluetooth device over 5 minutes. No need to worry power drain fast.

3) Charging: There is reminding sound when battery is low, and the led would flash in red at the same time. When taking charge, the led would be in red, and turns in blue when fully charged.

Part 5: Q&A about i9s

1) How long does the battery last when using it after fully charged?

It will last about 4 hours!

2) There any ways to tell if they are charged fully?

For charging the case, it flashed red light when full charged for the case.

3) What mobile phone can pair to it, iPhone, Samsung or Huawei?

As long as the mobile phone with Bluetooth can connect to i9s Bluetooth earbuds.

4) Does a microphone exist on both two earphones so that I can use one piece while I can use one for calling and the other one is being charged?

Yes, sure you can. Both earphones have Mic.

5) Is there a way to turn off the blue flashing light when earbud is connected and in use?

It cannot turn off, it flashes around 10s.

6) Do they work with apple watches? Do they work with apple watches?

Yes, can pair to any type equipment with IOS, Android.

7) Does the charging box is a battery?

Yes, Portable charging case is also a battery.

i9s TWS price is cheaper than Apple Airpods nearly 10 times and the functionality and experience are almost the same. I believe it is a best wireless earbuds for iPhone. For more information about i9s tws, please feel free to contact us.

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