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How to Use a Beauty Light [copy link]


Whether it's selfie in daily life, life photography, product shooting or live video shooting, the ring light to be an indispensable device if you want to shoot well. This article summarizes how to lighting setup for beauty videos.

Before setting up a ring light for video, we need to know some of the characteristics of the ring light and choose the ring light that best suits your environment and needs.

About ring light for photography

1. Light source

The light source is the part that determines the effectiveness of the photography light. At present, the mainstream photography lights basically use led as the light source, the LED is divided into led bulbs and larger power led chips, obviously the latter has better performance.

2. The number and power of led

The greater the number of Led, the greater the brightness and power naturally. Therefore, when purchasing LED ring live fill light, you need to pay attention to the number and power of led.

3. Colour adjustment

Colour temperature is also an indicator that must be know when purchasing LED ring live fill light. The photographic light has a dual colour temperature, which can adjust the colour temperature between 3200k-5600k. You can enhance the scope of photography light in photography, just by function adjustment button dimming can be applied to a variety of environmental needs.Whether it is taking photos or makeup.

4. Colour rendering index

Colour rendering index (CRI) refers to the characteristics of different colours when different light sources are illuminated on the same colour object.The higher the colour rendering index, the higher the colour reproduction of the light.

5. Power supply

The photographic light has two power supply modes, one for external battery, which is convenient for outdoor shooting, and the other is for power supply through the adapter, which is usually used during studio shooting.

Some photography lights do not have two power supply modes at the same time, so when using a ring light for video, you should choose according to your needs. Commonly, the power mode of the USB interface,you no need to consider too many interface specifications, only need one adapter can be easily used at anytime and anywhere.

6. Support wireless remote control

The photographic light support wireless remote control is a very practical design. In studio lighting setup for video, multiple lights are usually required to match the lighting. If the camera light supports wireless remote control, the brightness and colour temperature of each camera light can be remotely controlled by the wireless remote controller, which greatly improves the photographer's lighting efficiency.

7. Portability

The portability of your beauty light is related to the type of YouTube video you want to create. Portability is not an important factor if you plan to shoot in studio conditions, but if you want to shoot at different locations every day, portability is something you must consider.

8. Heat dissipation

Many people tend to ignore the heat dissipation performance when purchasing the photographic light. In fact, whether the heat dissipation performance of the photographic light is good is an important factor affecting the service life of the photographic light.

Led will emit a lot of heat when working. If it is not cooled in time, the high temperature will greatly reduce the overall life of the camera. The ring lights from GEMWON are made of ABS material with better heat dissipation performance, and the vent holes are also designed as much as possible.

9. Compatible with a variety of accessories

Photographic lights need to meet different shooting needs and require different photographic accessories. Whether it is compatible with a variety of accessories depends on the design of the ring light. For example, there is a universal base that can be used to fix accessories such as makeup mirrors,mobile phones, and SLR cameras.

10. Choose the big brand

Although there are many brands of photography lamps, the quality is not guaranteed, so it is good to choose a large brands. This ring light is customized with "GEMWON" brand package, sold by "gemwon". Any other seller is fake, no warranty guarantee from us. So please check and choose "GEMWON" ring light from GEMWON MALL.

3-point lighting setup for ring light

The most common lighting setup is called 3-point lighting. This configuration includes a key light, a fill light and a backlight that can also be called a hairlight.

The key light should be three bright and provide plenty of light for your theme.

This fill light eliminates shadows from the main source. Your fill should not be as strong as your key, so although it still eliminates shadows,the fill and key lights match too tightly instead of flat lenses.

The backlight separates the subject from the background. Your backlight may be glare (no diffuse) because it does not create a visible shadow on the main body.

Tips for Better Beauty Lighting

1. In the live broadcast, you can place the phone, camera or camera lens on the interface provided by the ring LED in the direction of 6 o'clock on the front of the character according to the mainstream usage habits. It is so simple and fast.

This flat light can eliminate some of the flaws and texture effects of the face, and it has a simple and direct cosmetic effect. The host can adjust the illumination of the light according to the distance between the seat and the light.

2. An LED light with a concentrating effect is added at the 12 o'clock direction behind the character. It can easily create a layered illuminating effect. The illuminance and illumination area of the light can be adjusted on the lamp head.

3. In order to keep the background from dark to deep, you can continue to add a little atmosphere to the screen. We can add an LED panel light at 2 o'clock behind the character.

The combination of the three lights is still very easy to master. You can choose between two lights or three-lamp combination. You can use multiple lights to add extra points to your live studio.

Frequently Asked Questions – Ring Light

What are the benefits of using a selfie light?

  • Remove all shadows on your face and make your skin look flawless.
  • The white LED will ensure that there are no unwanted yellow or orange tones in the photo.
  • White light gives your photos a natural light looks without having to stand in front of the window and wait for the best light of the day.
  • Ring light highlights your features and removes any pixel or grey areas to provide the highest quality images.

How does Ring light Selfie work?

The Ring light Selfie is a portable ring light that can be installed on any popular mobile device. The brightness can be adjusted using the top button to provide three levels of light.

How is selfie ring light charged?

Each Ring light comes with micro USB cable that plugs into any charging port. A red light on the ring light will indicate when the ring light is charging. It takes only a few hours to fully charge.

What types of phones can I use with Selfie Ring light?

Ring light is designed as a self-timer for iPhone, Samsung and other Android devices. It can also be used on an iPad, tablet and camera, and only needs to be secured with a stand.

How large are ring light?

We have small ring lights for desktop and iPhone and 12-inch ring light, 18-inch and 16, 26, 50-centimeter ring lights for live studio or outdoor shooting for a variety of scenes.

The light won't light up, is it broken?

After receiving the ring light, you may need to charge it with the supplied USB cable before use. When the ring light is charging, the red light will illuminate. Once the ring light is fully charged, the red button can be turned on using the top button. If the red light does not illuminate when the charger is plugged in, or if the light does not illuminate after charging, there is a problem with your product.

This article describes the use of live ring lights to make best lighting for video recording. if you need more information about ring lights, please feel free to contact GEMWON.

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