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How to Fix iPad Getting Hot [copy link]


One of the most common problems for Apple technicians is overheated equipment. Sometimes the iPad getting hot and slow. If you have such a problem. You can solve it by the following methods.

Why does My iPad Get Hot so Fast?

If you disassemble a computer, you will see a lot of parts, but only one component has a huge heat sink, and it has a fan: CPU. The fastest heating part of the computer is the CPU, as is the iPhone/iPad.

In 99% of cases, when your iPhone is hot, you may have a software error.If it is iPad getting hot after water damaged, you may encounter hardware problems.

How to Fix iPad Overheated?

  • Turn off Bluetooth (Settings > Bluetooth).
  • Turn off location services (Settings > Privacy > Location Services).
  • Turn off background application refresh (Settings > General >Background Application Refresh).
  • Do not charge the device. If the iPad getting hot while charging,replace the power supply.
  • Disable iCloud (Settings > iCloud).
  • Close all apps.
  • Double-click the Home button to see all open applications, swipe up each app's preview and close it.
  • Reset all settings (Settings > General > Reset all settings).
  • Check iOS updates (Settings > General > Software Updates).
  • These not only drained the battery, but also really heated the iPad.

1. Close your app

The first thing to do is that we need to minimize the amount of work on the iPad, so close your application. When you are not using it, please close all apps and services (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.).

2. Turn off the iPhone and turn it on

This is a simple fix and restarting/resetting your device may solve iPad gets really hot and the battery drains. If one of the software conflicts causes the iPad to get hot, the problem is solved.

To turn off the iPhone, press and hold the power button until  "Slide to Power Off" appears on the screen, then slide the power icon on the screen.

3. Update program

If iPad getting hot after update - Many times, software updates are designed to fix bugs.

To check for app updates, open the App Store and click Update at the bottom of the screen. If one or more of your apps can be updated, you can choose to update one by one or you can update all apps at the same time.

4. Reset all settings

If you have tried the above steps and your iPad is still hot, then try resetting all settings and go to Settings -> General -> Reset all settings.

5. Repair your iPhone

If you have recovered the iPad, then it can be hardware issues,especially if one of the internal components is exposed to water. It should be noted that 99% of overheated iPad have software problems, so be sure to try all the above steps before repair hardware.

iPad Air repair case for iPad gets very hot

When the iPad is not in use, the temperature is normal, when the screen is bright, it is hot and the fault is mainly in the circuit related to the screen.

1) In the case of a bright screen, the device is very hot.

2) Disassemble the iPad and measure the display of the J7000's 39 41 pinPPLED_BACK_REG_B to the ground resistance is not normal.

3) The measurement found that the D8258 diode was open, and normally had a diode value of 136.

4) Replace this diode and measure normally.

Socket J7000's 39 41 pin PPLED_BACK_REG_B return to normal ground resistance.

Installed and test, the iPad is not hot when the screen is lit. This fault is caused by damage to the bright screen of the D8258 diode.

If you need to repair iPad gets burning hot, your iPad in warranty,Apple is a good choice. If you are not in warranty and need to repair iPad, GEMWON is an affordable option. You can buy all iPad air spare parts.

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