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How to Buy Travel Makeup Mirror with LED Lights [copy link]


It's not easy to makeup outdoors and in dim light. But portable led mirror can make it easier.

Travel Mirror is very useful. To provide you with the best lighting conditions, the device has an LED bulbs ring around the mirror. It is enough to easy carry and zoom in details. So how to buy a best lighted makeup mirror 2019?

Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror Reviews

Desktop Mirrors: They usually have a base or stand that includes one or more mirrors of different magnifications and can be placed on table.

Tri-fold Mirrors: They have three adjustable reflective surfaces so that you can see on both sides of the face in addition to the front of the face. Most common mirrors only allow you to see your face from the front, but the tri-fold mirror allows you to see your face from multiple angles.

Wall Mounted Mirrors: These are the mirrors that you attach to the wall and they are set up so that you can move the mirror closer to or away from the face.

Travel Makeup Mirror: The compact magnifying travel makeup mirror can be placed in the trunk or pocket. A mirror with lights with LED lights can add light to you anytime, anywhere.

Professional Makeup Mirror with Light

If you look at any travel makeup mirror amazon, you will often see that travel makeup mirror 5x/10x or something similar. Handheld magnified LED mirror for up to 5 times the magnification of tasks like the tweezer eyebrows. At a certain magnification, your face will look distorted and out of focus, you also need to use a regular 1x mirror.

How to Choose the Best Makeup Mirror Magnification

Portable makeup mirror usually has 2 kinds of enlarged specifications. For example:1 X/5X Magnifying Double Sided Makeup Mirror with light.

If you're looking for a space-saving makeup mirror, this mini magnification for makeup mirror might be it. It is not only suitable for your suitcase and even fit into your pocket.One side has a 5X magnifying glass and the other side is a regular mirror.

Using 1x conventional mirror as the basis is also the most common side of makeup. Zooming in 3 to 5 times is usually used for some details of the face.

If you are painting eyebrows or eyeliners, the 5x portable mirror will provide a very useful help for what you are doing. The 5x magnification is just right for our facial details, because we are very close to the mirror and don't need more magnification.

LED Lights and Ordinary Light Bulbs

The bulbs of the beauty mirror with ring lights, which have reasonable brightness, long life and lighter than ordinary bulbs and are environmentally.

We all know that makeup mirror is best for use under natural light. A mirror with LED lights will help you with a mirror that is very similar to the sun light. There are some models of mirror with an LED ring light on the edge, where you can get the perfect lighting conditions.

Lighted Makeup Mirror with USB Port

For convenience, a battery-equipped mirror is easier to carry, but you need to change the battery frequently. And this LED light uses a lithium-ion button battery, which can be reused for battery charging. The charging interface is also a regular mobile phone charging port, you don't need to bring a variety of adapters.


COMPACT MIRROR FOR TRAVEL: Being less than ½ of an inch thick, this excellent dual sided compact mirror allows you to have it anywhere with you.

DOUBLE SIDES MAGNIFYING MIRROR: With its 5x magnifying side, you can see with perfect clarity even the smallest detail that needs to be done or retouched – mouth & eye corners,neck and eyebrows!

PERFECT GIFT FOR EVERYONE: Stylish and luxury appearance is a best gift for yourself or your friends.

HIGH LED QUALITY: Lasting LED light bulbs, won't burn out or diminish, up to 3000 hours. with 12 LED lights closely simulates natural sunlight provide you true-to-life color-correct details.


The small battery also means that a once charge can't use for many days.

These are our best choice for travel mirror with lighted makeup. I hope one of them is satisfy you. The mirror is a best part of the art of make-up. They are suitable for travel and your pocket, so you can take it with you.

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