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How to Best Buy Child Camera for 2019 [copy link]


At the end of a busy job, you want to spend time with your child. If your child is curious about photography.How do you help your child start a photography journey? Maybe you need a best camera for kids in 2019.

There is a slight delay in the electronic viewfinder and the auto focusing of the camera seems to take ever so slightly longer and harder to find the subject with fast unpredictable motion. (e.g. children)

Choosing the best camera for your child is an important step in your child's photography journey. Whether you have a boy or a girl, no matter how old your child is. What kind of kid's camera should you buy?

1. Purchase Child Camera

When your child is satisfying with the photos you take with iPhone, you can choose not to spend more money on professional cameras.

Children's Camera – It's not just a toy, it's a digital camera that can be photographed – a different experience for kids.

The most important thing is that you only need to spend the price of a toy, a few dollars can let your child get a digital camera for child photography.

2. Children's Camera Component

The power switch, body, lens,shutter button and viewfinder / LCD display.

3. Camera selection

Image Quality: Depends on the camera's sensor and pixels, in some cameras is determined by the additional light sensor and shooting mode. In general,2" IPS high-definition is enough for children's needs.

Features: Almost all cameras today have an automatic mode, which means no setup is required before shooting. Children don't need more professional photography knowledge to take beautiful photos, which is very happy for them.

Color Appearance: Children's cameras are more important than other professional cameras in terms of shape and color. A children's camera may be a combination of advanced quality and functionality with a fascinating look. Inspire your child's interest in photography with colorful cameras.

Accessories & Packaging: Instructions, data cable, color box packaging,silicone sleeve.

4. How to Use Child Camera for Photography

Blurred photos are common among beginners or kids taking the first photo. This is easy to be frustrating. Howto teach your child use the children's cameras to avoid blurred photos?

4.1 Catch the Camera with Both Hands

One hand is used to secure and stabilize the camera, while the other hand presses the shutter button. The camera's shutter button is on the top of the camera and the child's hand can easily find and press to easily take a photo.

The child camera you choose should be the suitable size to hold it more easily and safely.

4.2 Posture for Holding the Camera

Many times, when your kid hold the camera, it still shakes, causing blurred photos. Children should try to get camera close to the body. It is best to hold the camera while leaning against the elbows on the chest or side of the body.

Through this, it will improve the stability of the camera. A child's camera with a silicone case will make your child more stable when holding the camera and take better pictures.

4.3 Using Other Tools

Especially if the camera is too heavy for children, it takes a lot of time to focus and take the shot.  You can help him with a camera tripod.

GEMWON Child Camera:

This product is easy to operate and carry. The camera toy is lightweight,which is perfect for children hanging around the neck or carry around, record happy moments anytime, anywhere. The camera for kids is extremely cute, perfect size for little hands. It doesn't matter whether it is dropped or water damaged, because of its soft silicone case.


Brand: OEM

Colour: Blue Product

Weight: 0.200 kg

Product size: 10cm x10cm x5cm

Package size: 10cm x10cm x5cm

Display: 2" IPShigh-definition full-view LCD screen

Battery capacity: 450 mAh

Video resolution: 1080*720

Photo resolution: 2560*1080

Product Description:

[Front Rear 8.0 Mp Cameras for Kids] Front rear dual-lens camera, supporting 8MP (3264 x 2448)photography and 1080p video both. Children can easily take some clear images or action videos for each moment.

Life likely reappear the colorful world in child's eyes, without blurry or particle. Expandable memory with micro TF card capacity from 1 GB to 32 GB. The compact size of mini camera makes it easy to carry, more portable.

[Data Transference With 32G SD Card] Kids camera gifts comes with 16G memory card, TF Card reader & USB cable. You don’t need to pay extra costs to finish data transference. Simple accessory is well enough for upload images or video to the computer. Children can save data in time to develop photograph, sorting out the photos well for collection. Connect to computer via a USB cable to transfer photos/videos, or to recharge the camera.

[Fun Camera Effects] This updated photo camera for kids with more fun function will improve kids' creativity. Auto smile focus, customized frame,continuous shooting and timed photography options provide more fun camera function. You can get kids something different, something that would get them away from TV, video games and allow him to be creative.

[Practical and Chargeable] Adopted high-quality material of non-toxic silicone,kids video camera is safe for kids. With protective shockproof Shell action camera become more durable and anti-impact. No worry about accidental skips and falls. Meanwhile, it comes with a lanyard protecting camera away from dropping or hitting kids' feet. Due to built-in rechargeable 3.7V battery, kids can recharge toy camera when its power run out of.

[Self-Learning Tool] Great holiday / birthday / Christmas gifts for kids.This video cameras will be great for digging out kids' potential hobby or letting children discover more interesting things by themselves. Lightweight and compact for kids to carry it anywhere and storage or take it out at any moment.

Tips on Kid Camera for Your Child:

An easy way to put the lanyard into the lanyard hole,

You can use a hard-mini hook to hang the lanyard through the lanyard hole,

which is easier than wearing the lanyard directly.

The meaning of the children's camerais not only to shoot, but as a toy to help children record cute moments to share with friends and permanent collections. Turn on the enthusiasm for exploration and you don't have to buy an expensive camera.

The Bottom Line:

In the Kids Camera Guide, GEMWON cover many best cameras for child photography. If you are going to buy a children's camera, it might be better to discuss with your child. Show them camera, tell them about the camera's features and share your thoughts.

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