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How to Find Replacement Screen for Laptop [copy link]


I Need to purchase laptop screen from reliable source. I have a HP Envy 15t-k100 CTO with screen B156HTN03.3. I have purchased 3 from Amazon and each time screen was defective.

How can I find the best place to buy laptop screens?

Before Replacing the Laptop Screen:

Before doing anything, check your laptop to make sure which screen component needs to be replaced.

Correctly identify the parts of the screen and purchase what you need.

The Difference between the Laptop Touch Screen and LCD Screen of Laptop:

The touch screen is a transparent layer that reads signals from the touch and transmits them to the processing unit. This is the outermost layer of the screen, you can touch the part without disassembling the device.

The LCD screen is a panel inside the screen for displaying images.

This is the middle layer of the screen.

When only the touch screen is broken, you still can see what is happening on the display and the screen is still running.

When only the LCD is broken, you can still use the touch screen, but the panel will have dark spots or spiderweb cracks (or both).

When both the LCD and the touchscreen are damaged, you may no longer be able to use the laptop screen.

Detect Possible Damage to other Components:

For example, if the graphics card on the motherboard is damaged, it is useless to spend time and effort to replace the screen.

To ensure that your graphics card is working properly, you can connect external monitor or TV to your laptop:

If the picture on the external display looks normal, it is likely that your notebook screen is broken.

If you don't get any picture on the external display, keep in mind that some laptops require you to press some of the function keys on your laptop to activate the projection output.

If you do not get any from external screen and laptop screen, your graphics card or motherboard may be damaged, not only the screen.

Find Part Number of the Laptop Component:

Before purchasing a laptop screen replacement, you need to determine the part number on the back of the screen.

This is another reason to open the laptop screen bezel before buy replacement laptop parts.

Even if you have the specific model of the laptop that needs to buy the screen, but the same model of the notebook may have a different resolution, confirm the unique laptop screen PN to ensure that you can buy the correct screen.

But based on my experience, you can consult the GEMWON laptop. According to the information provided by the seller, if the screen is compatible with your laptop model, it usually works.

Cheap Laptop Screen Repair Near me:

Finding a replacement screen is usually easy - you don't have to pay the original price from the manufacturer.

Just search for eBay, Amazon or Google using your laptop model and screen part number. You will find that replacement screen for laptop can be as low as $20.

If you can't find anything, you can also contact GEMWON to purchase a hard to buy and vintage laptops screen wholesale. It can provide all the screen components you need.

Try removing the damaged screen to make sure you can replace it.

To save the laptop screen replacement cost, I suggest you search in Google and YouTube to get repair guide of your laptop or find a service professional to get help with the laptop repair steps.

How to Fix a Broken HP Laptop Screen:

These applies to most laptop models.

Desk Area: Find a flat area for your laptop.

Magnetic Philips screwdriver: If you don't have a head screwdriver, try to find a magnet that is enough to magnetize the screws. This helps making it easier for the screw to be removed and replaced without lost.

Spudgers and repair tools: Opening tools helps to pry the screen border away from the body.

A piece of white paper: This is used to store the small screws and you can mark the position on the paper to identify the position of each screw of the notebook to prevent the wrong screws when reinstalling the parts.

If you are looking for the best laptop screen replacement, the most trusted service provider is GEMWON. Not only can you get the laptop screen replacement guide, but you can purchase a replacement screen at 20% off, with a laptop screen as low as $20. For more notebook repair guide, please refer to GEMWON Blog.

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