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How to Fix a Kindle Frozen on Home Screen [copy link]


If the Kindle doesn't start inmost cases, it doesn't mean it's "damaged." Most electronic devices, including smartphones or tablets, have "stuck" problems. When the device is stuck, the power is on but it does not work properly because it is locked. How do I fix my kindle that's frozen?

1. Check if the Kindle is downloading

Your Kindle is going to download an eBook. If you are using a slow internet connection or downloading many e-books at once (or just a big book), then your kindle is likely to be slow.Wait a few minutes until all the downloads are complete and it will run better.

Please pay attention to your Kindle must do some processing after downloading the file, so it may take a minute or two to complete the Kindle screen refresh after the download is complete. You just have to wait a while to solve the problem of Kindle screen freeze.

2. Restart your Kindle

You may not have restarted your Kindle for a few months. When you "turn off" it after reading, you are just putting it into a low-power standby mode. This means that kindle may crash on screen freeze or similar issue.

Like most electronic devices, the kindle fire frozen on start-up screen or slow response. When the screen is unable to respond to your touch, you can determine when the device freezes. The Kindle Fire can be frozen on the home screen while using or when turn on and off. Frozen Kindle Fire usually requires a force reboot to resolve this issue.

To restart your Kindle, press and hold the power button for about 7 seconds, then select the "Restart"option in the on-screen menu.

3. Restore Kindle factory settings

If your Kindle Fire freeze or work slowly, you can reset it to factory settings by navigating to the Settings menu and clicking Reset Device.

All personal information, account information, downloaded content or files you save will be lost when you reset your device. However, you can save the file to Amazon Cloud and restore it after resetting the kindle.

Any purchased eBook is automatically saved to the cloud and can be downloaded after you have registered your Kindle to your Amazon account.

4. Device temperature

Avoid using your kindle in extremely hot or cold temperatures. If the Kindle is hot and stuck on screen with tree, it is recommended that you stop using the device and put it at room temperature. Wait until the device drops to normal temperature and then re-use the Kindle.

If the Kindle freeze reset not working, you may need to replace the touch screen. Before you decide to change the screen, be sure to check the battery for problems, as the cost of detecting or replacing the battery will be lower than the screen.

Regarding the replacement of the Kindle battery, we have an article about disassembly, you can refer to it and replace yourself.

5. Kindle 3 screen replacement

1. Turn off the device, starting with one of the page flip buttons, and use the crowbar to open the back of the device.

2. Unscrew the two silver 4 mm Phillips screws that secure the battery connector.

3. Remove the battery from the housing starting from the end of the screw.

When reinstalling the battery,first slide the bottom edge into place and make sure the two retaining tabs are secure, before screwing down the connector.

4. Remove the six silver Phillips screws from the position shown.

5. Pry the monitor connector up and out of the socket on the system board to disconnect it.

6. Remove the 11 small grey Phillips screws from the position shown.

7. Lift the top edge and slide the motherboard and centre frame assembly off the bottom edge of the Kindle,then remove it carefully.

8. Remove the damaged screen from the body.

The same model of Kindle screen may have different series. Before purchasing a replacement screen, you can remove the damaged screen and check the part number label to ensure that the replacement screen meets the machine requirements.

If you want to repair a frozen kindle screen, you can try tips above. You can refer to the GEMWON Blog and welcome to share your interest with us. If you are experiencing an unsolvable problem, perhaps contacting Amazon is your last choice.

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