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The Best Car Interior Accessories for your Car 2019 [copy link]


In the hot summer days, as long as you have the best car accessories 2019, not only can the car look bright and new, but also reduce the temperature inside the car. For example, car seat cushions, car sunshades, car refrigerators, etc.

1. Car seat cushion

Why do we choose a car seat?

Driving in the summer is very hot, many people will sweat more. Therefore, the choice of car seat cushion replacement is to protect the seat, to ensure that the seat surface is not scratched and to maintain the cleanliness of the seat. In summer, the seat cushion can play a role in relieving the heat of the seat to ensure the comfort of the ride.

How to buy economy auto seat cushion:

1) Look at the price of car seat cushions. The cushions with a general price of $40~$60 are enough to use. It is best not to buy low-cost cushions.

2) Look at the car seat cushion workmanship, the work cushion with better workmanship generally has the characteristics of compact knitting, flat surface and exquisite pattern.

3) Auto seat design style, it is best to choose special car seat cushions, if it is a general seat cushion, also pay attention to choose the kind of suitable for your height.

4) Considering the friction of the car seat cushion, greater surface friction will be safer when the car brakes.

5) If you have a baby at home, it is even more indispensable to buy a child car seat,which will make your child more comfortable and safer on the road.

2. Car sunshade

The car sunshade combines the functions of sunshade. It is mainly to prevent falling leaves, bird droppings or falling dust on the trees. The biggest feature of the car sunshade compared to the car is the addition of an aluminium film that reflects sunlight. After use, the car can drop at least 30 in the hot sun.

Advantages of the car sunshade: full body protection, it is recommended to use for parking from one week to one month.

Disadvantages of the car clothing: unfolding troubles, it is not convenient to use.

How to buy a car sunshade cover?

In this year's automotive accessories market, UV-resistant automotive sunshades are favoured.

1) Appearance: In addition to the previous printing, square, solid colour pattern, the car sunshade market has appeared a lot of cartoon design,pastel series and other fashionable design this year.

2) Cover surface: the traditional anti-UV sunshade is divided into two kinds of lustre and Matt, using high-tech silver plastic reflective insulation fabric, silver coated two-layer PU waterproof coating fabric, the protection performance is far superior to the general insulation product.

3) Performance: In addition to the common manual sunshade, you can choose automatic products. At 10 seconds or within 1 minute you can quickly open the car cover, the operation is very convenient, small size, easy to carry, lightweight and flexible.

4) Heat insulation: After the professional inspection, UV-resistant automotive sunshades can reduce the car temperature of 30-40, UV protection 95%, infrared 90%, sunshade insulation 95%.

3. Travel refrigerator for car

Can you choose a car refrigerator to pursue low-cost styles? We know that car smart refrigerators are mainly divided into compressor model refrigerators and semiconductor car refrigerators. Because of the difference in power design and price, in the actual use, the performance of the two-car refrigerator with different cooling principles is also very different. For car refrigerators that use compressor cooling, both refrigerated and frozen effects can be easily obtained.

Choosing a good car refrigerator should not only have the insulation function, but also the ability to cool at low temperatures, so that it can store delicate snacks and urgently medicines for the elderly and children in traveling.

If you are planning an exquisite family BBQ, then using a car refrigerator to prepare and preserve delicious and fresh ingredients should be very exciting.

Which type of car travel refrigerator is right for you?

Car Lunch Boxes:

Advantages: no power consumption, safety and environmental protection

Disadvantages: short holding time, inconvenient to use

Scope of application: short-term insulation requirements, such as take-away delivery, self-driving picnic, medical preservation, etc.

Price: $15-60

Semiconductor Car Refrigerator:

Advantages: environmental protection, no pollution, low power consumption, no noise

Disadvantages: poor cooling capacity and small storage

Scope of application: low refrigeration requirements, carrying less food, suitable for ordinary cars, most consumers

Price: $20-130

Compressor Car Refrigerator:

Advantages: strong refrigeration capacity, large volume, easy to use,not easy to damage

Disadvantages: 12v compressor fridge large size and weight, high cost

Scope of application: high refrigeration requirements, more carrying items, suitable for big cars

Price: $200 or more

4. Car charger

Is it really irritating to drive out and the phone battery run out? In fact, you can also charge your phone in the car, you only need a smart car charger. A wireless charger with car bracket can easily regulate the current of the car and protect the battery of the smart device. The car charger must be an essential car accessory.

5. Car driving recorder

With the advancement of camera technology and the reduction in price and size, installing a cam video recorder may be a smart choice for drivers.

The 1080p HD Car Driving Recorder offers wide-angle coverage and night vision capabilities. It has a 2-inch LCD screen that allows you to view material and store video on a Micro SD card. Built-in GPS for speed and position encoding so you can find specific shots.

Even if you have never had an accident, you may catch something that will make your driving more secure.

6. Tire pressure tools

Tires are one of the most important and easy to neglected parts of a car. Tires that do not have enough air wear out quickly, which is likely to cause unsafe driving. Many new cars are equipped with tire pressure monitors. The sensor is screwed into the stem cover of each tire; the receiver inserted into the cigarette lighter displays the current PSI of each cigarette lighter, making it easy to maintain proper tire maintenance.

Summer is the golden time for everyone to travel with their children. On the one hand, the weather is sunny and suitable for play. On the other hand,the scenery in this season is the most beautiful.

The Bottom Line:

Driving by car is the best way to travel. Choosing the essential car accessories for new car will leave you with no worries. Need more car accessories wholesale, you can visit the car accessories online store GEMWON.

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