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How to Fix iPad Power Button not Working [copy link]


my power button becomes non-responsive. the only time I can power it down is to press is really hard for a long time before I can turn it off. This article can help you when iPad power button does not work.

Part 1: Easy ways to fix broken iPad button

1. Turn on Assistive Touch

AssistiveTouch is an accessibility setting that puts a virtual button on the iPad display. This is a good solution when the physical buttons on the iPad are damaged.

1) Enter the"settings",

2) "General" -->"Accessibility" --> Enable AssistiveTouch,

3) Click on the AssistiveTouch-->Device--> long-press "Lock Screen" until the following interface appears, slide to shut down.

2. How to turn off iPad when power button not working

1) Go to the"Settings" --> Select "General",

2) Pull down, click the shutdown button,

3) You can use the slide slider to turn off,

4) To turn the iPad on, use a Lightning cable to connect it to any power source - it will turn back on shortly.

It is suitable for iOS 11.0 and the second method may not be applicable to older versions than IOS.

3. Repair iPad power button stuck

When you're ready to fix the iPad physical button, you have a few great options. If you have Apple Care+, please make a reservation at your local Apple Store.

If your iPad power button stops working after water or liquids, Apple will not be able to repair your iPad for free. Apple Care+ does not include liquid damage, which is one of the main reasons why the iPad power button stops working.

Of course, the better way is that you can repair yourself to save iPad power button repair cost.

iPad Pro power button does not work?

It may be a battery issue or just a broken iPad power button. The buttons on your tablet may wear out during everyday use.

If it dropped accidentally, the internal components of your iPad power button may be loose or damaged, causing a poor connection.

Part 2: iPad air 2 power button replacement

1. Use a heat gun to soften the tape that combines the iPad screen with the body.

2. After a period of baking, the side of the Apple iPad Air 2 has been picked up and the crowbar is inserted into the gap between the iPad Air 2 screen and the body.

3. Insert the crowbar on the front of the Apple iPad Air 2, just continue to use the hot air heating,the front panel can be easily removed.

4. Separate the iPad Air 2 front panel and bottom case.

5. Separate the front panel from the motherboard cable. The cable is covered by a metal shield. Remove the metal shield first.

6. Disconnect the screen and Home button cable that under the metal cover.

7. After unplugging the screen and Home button cable, the screen and iPad Air 2 body can be separated.

8. When the front screen is separated from the motherboard, you can see the built-in battery.

9. Disassemble the speakers of the iPad Air 2, which are covered with a metal cover and secured by a screw. Remove the cable by unscrewing the screw, unplugging the metal cover and tearing off the strip that secures the cable.

10. After the two speakers are removed, you can see the central Lighting interface, which is mainly used for data transmission and charging.

11. Locate the source of the cable, the Lighting interface, which is fixed with four screws. After unscrewing, one end of the cable can be picked up.

12. Gently unplug the WIFI module.

13. Remove the metal strip fixing the dual WIFI antenna. The front and rear camera, power button and volume button assemble on the top of the device.

14. Remove the front camera first, because it uses tape to adhere to the back of the body, you need to force when removing.

15. Pull out the cable first and then peel it off. The rear camera is also glued to the back cover.

16. Volume power button and microphone removal

The cable of the volume button is attached to the side frame. The screw on the cable connection and the screws on the metal bar of the fixed volume button are remove, then the button module can be completely removed.

17. After removing the volume button, the next step is to disassemble the power button. When the cable interface is disconnected, the power button module is separated.

The home button and power button around the iPad Air 2 are completely disassembled.

Before iPad home button replacement, you need to buy iPad repair button, for more iPad spare parts at GEMWON, as low as $5 to buy wholesale price component.


You have fixed the iPad button stuck down or you can find a way to not use the iPad even if some buttons not working. If the next time iPad power button is stuck or not working properly,you can quickly use the solution in this article to solve it!

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