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How to Fix All Buttons on iPhone not Working [copy link]


Your iPhone volume button is too hard or too soft and sometimes no responding. Try the tips on this article when you have trouble with the iPhone.Here are some quick ways to fix the buttons stop working on iPhone. Mainly divided into software and hardware repair methods.

Part 1: Why has my iPhone button stopped working or unresponsive

1. The software error, you can restore by setting > General > Reset> erase all content and settings. If it is a software failure, this problem will certainly be solved.

2. Hardware broken, button stuck, button water damaged, control circuit failure and CPU virtual welding, etc. You must go to the after-sales inspection and repair. If there is no warranty service, you can consider purchasing the corresponding iPhone repair accessories to replace yourself. The repair cost is much cheaper than the official service.

Part 2: Fix All iPhone buttons not responding

1. Turn on Assistive Touch

1) Find the "Settings" on the main screen and open the "General" option.

2) Find the "Accessibility" option in the general list.

3) Then turn on the Assistive Touch switch in the accessibility list.

The virtual button on the IOS can realize the functions of multiple physical buttons on the iPhone. The small white point that everyone usually calls, which can realize the home button and volume button, the screen capture and so on.

After clicking this button, click on the "Device" icon. Then you can see two button icons that can control the volume.

When the physical volume button on the iPhone not responding and the volume cannot used, we can use it temporarily to control the volume.

2. Restart your iPhone

If you are unable to restart your device, try forcing to restart.

Remove the protective cover and casing that might block the button or switch.

Check for cracks or dirt around the buttons or switches and clean with a soft cloth.

3. Try a hard reset

For some reason, it may be a software issue after installation. First back up data through iTunes, restore in DFU mode, and then set up the iPhone again. How to Enter DFU Mode iPhone 7?

4. Press the not working button repeatedly

Press the "up" and "down" volume buttons a few times. Make sure you alternate between the two. If your volume icon shows on the screen - it means it is probably a button loose connection inside the iPhone.

This may be a temporary fix. If the iPhone button starts working again -your phone may have a loose internal connection. You may need to disassemble or replace some damaged parts to completely solve the problem that the iPhone button does not work.

5. Check the external condition of the button

You need to check the condition of the casing bending. Remove the logic board and battery to check they are torn or the connector at the end is damaged. They may have been damaged during your DIY repair.

If you have problems dropped your iPhone into the water or iPhone power button/volume buttons not working after screen replacement. For example, your warranty may not be valid. Can you repair the equipment yourself? You can try it, but unless you are a confident technology enthusiast, we won't recommend it.

6. Repair physical buttons

If the volume button still does not work after reset, you may need to fix the iPhone button.

For iPhone 7 button flex cable or button replacement, you can refer to ifixit. Here are the detailed steps.If you want to disassemble yourself, it will help you.

Finally, Your iPhone button works fine again! The next time your iPhone x buttons not working, you will be better able to solve this problem. If this article helps you, welcome to share it with your friends.

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