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How to Buy the best iPad accessories 2019 [copy link]


For the average consumer, when faced with a limited model iPad, the choice may be relatively simple, as long as according to your needs and budget, you can buy the iPad accessories must have. If you have just bought the iPad recently, but don't know how to choose cool iPad accessories, you may need this article.

1. Smart Keyboard for iPad Air 10.5'/iPad Pro 10.5'/iPad Pro 11'/iPad Pro 12'

The first is Apple accessory Smart Keyboard. As a 2-in-1 accessory for the protective cover keyboard, Smart Keyboard has many advantages. For example,in the similar products, its weight is among the best and it is still compatible with the 2018 iPad Pro. Because it uses the metal contacts behind the iPad Pro, it can be used with this without Bluetooth pairing.

It is no battery, the Smart Keyboard (11-inch) is controlled at 297 grams. The entire keyboard design is neat and simple, so the assembly and disassembly are also very convenient.

Functionally, the Smart Keyboard has a full-size keyboard. The only defect may be "price" and now the 11-inch Smart Keyboard is priced at$199 on the apple website.

Such an expensive price is not everyone's willingness to accept, so you need the best iPad accessories for students described below that low-cost and practical.

2. Logitech K480 Bluetooth Keyboard

The Logitech K480 appears on this list because its design is perfect for the iPad. Even as a very simple wireless keyboard for iPad, there is not so much smart technology.

The first is that the integrated stand is different from the traditional Bluetooth keyboard. The K480 integrates a stand on the keyboard, so that even if your iPad is not use the cover with stand, you can still maintain a proper reading angle with your ipad.

Secondly, the K480 moderate size and weight are suitable for portable devices like the iPad, put it in a backpack and bring it to the library.

In terms of functions, the K480 is a well-regulated Bluetooth keyboard that supports switching between multiple devices. The keyboard layout can be adapted for Windows and macOS, so if you have multiple devices, it must the best iPad pro gaming accessories for you.

3. Apple Pencil

The iPad including the 2018 iPad Pro, the 6th generation iPad, the 3th generation iPad Air, the 5th generation iPad mini and the newer all support the handwriting input.

Apple Pencil, which has been iterated to the second generation, is still the first choice for iPad input accessories.

The second generation of Apple Pencil for the 2018 iPad Pro, many of the shortcomings of the generation of Apple Pencil are now improved, such as the magnetic charging replaced by inconvenient charging method, but also the improved storage issues.

The sleek material of the previous generation has resulted in a poor grip. The new matte material of the second generation of Apple Pencil also solves this problem. In addition, there is a completely integrated plan that will not cause you to lose your pen accessories.

In terms of configuration specifications, the second-generation Apple Pencil also added the function of the double-click switching tool. By tapping the pen body twice, you can switch between the brush and the eraser. If you'reusing an iPad that isn't the 2018, you'll only be able to use 1th generation of Apple Pencils that better at a lower price. I think it is the best iPad accessories for students.

4. iPad Case

The iPad case is the first thing to buy. Because the iPad body is very thin, in order to prevent the hand slipping or bumping, the protective cover is essential. The portability of the iPad determines that it should have a thin body, so you must not buy a protective cover that is too thick.

For the protective cases for iPad:

1. Do not buy a protective case with a pen slot, which will increase the overall width of the iPad.

2. The cover has a magnetic sense and has a sleep/wake function. When it is closed, it goes into sleep and saves power.

3. The bottom shell is silicone, which can be disassembled without hurting the machine. This avoids scratching the iPad with a hard-outer casing.

If you have a backpack that is big enough, then this product will definitely be your favourite. It can be used as a protective case or as a handbag to make your iPad stylish and portable.

If the iPad is owned by your child, i recommend this accessory is the best iPad accessories for kids.

5. Glass screen protector

The new design of the iPad Pro makes it easier to slip off your hands.It's best to buy a glass screen protector that saves a few hundred dollars in screen replacement costs. The choice of this accessory is relatively simple,you can buy ultra-thin tempered glass protective film according to the model.

6. Aukey mobile power

You may also need a mobile power source to keep iPad energized during your travels. I chose this model because it is small and affordable.

However, the 10,000 mAh you get from Aukey. It will give you extra hours when you need it. It has a USB-C port so you don't need an adapter. This mobile power supports fast charging and it is the best charge accessory for iPad.

There is also a USB-A port that can charge other devices - including the iPhone or Nintendo Switch.

7. iPad Desktop Stand

Not only for the iPad, it is also an excellent accessory for the iPhone or most other smartphones and tablets. This multi-function desktop stand from GEMWON safely keeps your device at the most comfortable angle for charging while reading or playing.

The bracket is made of ABS material with a rubber underlay to prevent it from dropping. In addition to the silver version visible above, you can also choose pink.

It should be all the accessories needed to improve the productivity of iPad. I don't promise that these things will make your iPad a replacement for laptop, but they will make life easier. More new accessories for iPad you can purchase at GEMWON online, you can get the fastest shipping and more discount.

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