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Ring Doorbell Sound issues [copy link]


Wireless doorbells are used in a wide variety of ways. Since the wireless doorbell is almost the same equipment that is essential for a smart home, some simple faults that ring doorbell not working can be solved quickly by yourself.

Common solutions for ring doorbell issues:

1. Restart the router. Unplug the power cord, wait 30 seconds, then reconnect the router. After booting, wait until the power indicator on the router are no longer flashing. Then wait a few minutes and connect to the smart wireless doorbell network again.

2. The doorbell microphone is not enabled. The microphone on the Ring Doorbell may not be activated, so you will not be able to receive and hear any sound. Therefore, make sure the microphone is enabled on your ring doorbell by going to the Ring Doorbell application and switching the microphone button.

3. Poor connection. Poor connection can cause the ring doorbell video freeze and night vision problems. So, if you encounter any of these problems,check the cable to make sure it is properly installed according to the instructions.

4. The camera is malfunctioning. If the ring doorbell camera does not respond at all and no image is visible. The camera is likely to malfunction.Therefore, you need to replace the camera.

5. The battery is faulty. If the doorbell is not turned on regardless of whether the power is plugged in or not, the battery may be faulty. You may need to try to replace the battery.

Wireless Doorbell Not Working:

1. Wireless doorbell can't hear

The doorbell is inaudible and other functions are normal: it is estimated that the handle line is not plugged in or the handset speaker is damaged. Try to re-insert the handle line or replace the handle first, and then test the extension control board.

2. The wireless doorbell does not ring

Firstly, check whether the power supply of the alarm probe is normal,whether it is work properly. Then check whether the line from the alarm probe to the extension is connected, whether the contact is good (this step of the wireless alarm detector) and replace the parts test of the same model.

3. Lost WIFI connection

If you experience an interruption while ring doorbell video, this can happen due to poor wireless signal. Signal issues can be handled by changing the location of the router. In order to get a good Wi-Fi signal, you need to place the router close to the ring doorbell.

4. Application settings

Please check that the audio notifications on the ring doorbell app and device are active.

5. The smart doorbell rings When no one is at the door

The ringtone may sound automatically at an unexpected time, usually due to voltage fluctuations.

Disable the night vision function in the settings to temporarily prevent the ringing sound.

You may need another transformer connected to the ringer cable.

Check the voltage and install a new transformer.

6. Wireless doorbell with screen problems

6.1 No image

Please check the power supply to check the power supply has black and white 18V and color 12-18V.

6.2 The video cannot be played

Check the version of the application

Check the modem/router's Internet connection

Check the internet connection on the smart home wireless doorbell

If your device is not charged, you won’t be able to watch the video on the Ring app.

6.3 Video has a delay

If you are using a mobile connection, try to find a better signal or switch to Wi-Fi. If the Wi-Fi signal is too weak, go to a good signal place.

The doorbell camera's WIFI connection may be too weak at the camera installation location. When you view the video stream of your camera, you will usually see a message about a WIFI connection error.

Install the camera near the person you are talking to.

6.4 The image is distorted severely, jittery, unclear, black and fuzzy

Please check the power supply to see if the voltage and current meet the requirements of the manual. You only need to check the camera image and appearance.

6.5 Bright screen but without image

Check the video cable to see if the line is connected and if there is a video signal.

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If you have a smart wireless doorbell in your home, you may encounter some technical problems. These issues include WIFI connectivity issues, ringing of the doorbell, ringing settings and ring doorbell no video. If you are looking for a solution that can help you get rid of these problems, I hope this article can help you.

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