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What Risk of Replacing iPhone Battery [copy link]


I ve had this iphone 6s for almost 3yrs now. Battery life is n't THAT bad that i need a new phone but i was wondering if i would have longer battery life if i replace it with a new battery? Or would there be a risk of getting my phone bricked if i do that?

What to do before replacing iPhone battery?

What should I pay attention to?

The effect of replace the iPhone battery by yourself:

1. Warranty

After replacing the non-certified battery, you will lose the warranty service provided by Apple. Because Apple has instructions in the maintenance policy, if it is disassembled through unofficial channels, or disassembled, it will refuse to provide warranty services. This means that if we replace the third-party battery, we will no longer be able to replace the original battery with Apple.

2. Disassembly iPhone part

When replacing the battery, yourself, remove the cable before removing the battery. If the pull-on glue is accidentally torn, the glue can be deactivated by slightly heating the air cylinder. You should find professional mobile phone maintenance staff, otherwise it may cause improper installation, battery overheating or explosion.

3. IOS battery health

The battery that is not verified by Apple cannot check the battery status through the IOS battery health function, and the maximum capacity and peak performance capacity indicators are not recorded. Battery health was introduced of iPhone,which delayed battery aging. Users can check the health of the battery, whether it is running unhealthy, and whether it needs to be replaced.

To buy an iPhone battery, we need to notice:

Do not buy or use unsecured battery products. There are many battery products on the market, and some low-cost batteries cannot guarantee the quality, which may affect the mobile phone or even burn out the phone.

Don't try to replace the battery yourself. It is best to find professional technician to install and replace the battery.

Because Apple used a large amount of double-sided tape to fix the battery and the fuselage inside the case when making the iPhone, so when replacing the battery,it is often necessary to use a professional heat gun to heat the body, to smooth the battery. Take it out from the inside of the body. Although this process seems simple, it still requires some skill.

If you use a force or a sharp tool to force the battery out, it may pierce the battery's outer casing, causing a short circuit inside the battery, or even causing spontaneous combustion or explosion.

If it is to replace the third-party battery of the regular brand, it will not cause any malfunction to the mobile phone. Regular manufacturers' batteries are rigorously tested at the factory. Due to the different manufacturing processes of various battery manufacturers, the battery capacity will be different from the original battery, which is normal.

Suggestions for replacing your iPhone battery yourself:

1. The repair budget is enough, if you want to get official protection, select Apple's official channel to replace the battery.

2. Experienced disassemble personnel, it is recommended to buy a third-party certified battery replacement.

3. Will I lose data if I replace iPhone battery? Back up the photos and data files in the iPhone before replacing the battery to prevent the phone from being damaged due to the disassembly process.

Where can I buy an iPhone replacement battery:

Apple does not sell OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to the public, which means you need to purchase a replacement iPhone battery from a third-party manufacturer through a retailer. GEMWON can provide you with bulk price mobile phone repair accessories, such as iPhone screen assembly, charging port, camera, iPhone battery and soon. You only need to place an order online and you will receive the iPhone parts you need within 10 days.

Replace the iPhone battery:

Remove the external screw,

Disconnect part cable,

Remove the old battery from the housing,

Reassemble iPhone with new battery,

For experienced disassemblers, it can be completed in as little as 20 minutes. Even an inexperienced average iPhone user should be able to complete it in an hour.

For how to replace the iPhone battery, I suggest you refer to our previous article Howto Replace iPhone X Battery Yourself. In recent years, the internal battery of the iPhone replacement steps is similar, no matter which generation of iPhone you have, this tutorial can help you.

It is more secure to replace the battery after Apple store, but expensive is the most obvious shortcoming. I believe that more people will choose the best buy iPhone battery replacement online and replace it, which will save you more maintenance costs. Especially if your iPhone is not in warranty, you will have fewer concerns.

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