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The Best Smartphone Accessories 2019 [copy link]


The phone is not only a call tool, but also our entertainment tool. Mobile phone accessories are also becoming more diverse. This article introduces the best accessories for your android phone.

Multi-function Data Cable

Since the emergence of the all-in-one data cable, various functions have been added to a small cable, such as a cable with OTG, which can make the mobile phone become a computer and connect and view the files in the U disk.

Many mobile phones no longer support memory card expansion, and the OTG function of the Android phone is very useful. With this small adapter, you can use the USB Type-A device on your phone to expand your storage capacity.

The USB Type-A is the most common USB plug. The traditional USB Type-A plug can only be plugged into the USB port of the PC and cannot be connected to the phone. Therefore, if an ordinary USB flash drive or USB sound card wants to connect to the mobile phone, it must support the OTG function. At the same time, an OTG adapter is needed to convert the USB Type-A to a port that mobile phone can use.

Headset with storage

A smart headset with built-in storage, built-in several G storage space, you can download your favourite songs. Even if you forget to bring your mobile phone, you can listen to songs anytime, anywhere, and record your sports data, which is very suitable for users who like to run.

2 in one mobile power

Most of the smart phones are now designed with non-removable batteries, and the stronger the performance of the mobile phone, the greater the power consumption and the shorter the battery life. The most worrying thing in outdoor is that the phone battery dies suddenly. So, a mobile charging power bank is very necessary.

The back-clip mobile power supply can perfectly combine mobile power as a mobile phone case and a mobile phone, either to charge the mobile phone or as a mobile phone case. In this way, you can hold your mobile phone and mobile power in your hand. Lightweight charging treasures allow you to carry as little luggage as possible during your trip.

Huawei panoramic camera

Huawei panoramic camera supports mobile phones with Android 6.0 or higher; and it only supports Type-C interface. After installing the "Huawei Panorama Camera" APP, the app will launch and connect to the camera.

The Huawei panoramic camera works with the mobile phone and can be inserted into the data transmission interface of the mobile phone when in use. Support for shooting photos, video shooting,one-click imaging, more support for wide-angle self-timer, friends, beautiful scenery share while traveling.

Dual 13-megapixel, high resolution lens with high image quality, clear photos and excellent details. FHD high definition video recording can be used to support 30 frames of shooting, and the record your wonderful.

Wireless charging mount

It is very inconvenient to use a mobile phone in the car, especially during driving. At this time, if there is a car holder, the phone will be fixed on the bracket. It's very convenient to use navigation and charging while driving.

Overall, this Qi Magnetic Wireless Charge Mount is excellent, when the phone is placed close to the magnetic board, the phone will be adsorbed automatically and fixed, the phone will be wirelessly charged. The most important thing is that it designed for your journey.

Where to buy cell phone accessories

Smartphones can support a wide range of accessories. The best smartphone accessories to buy introduced in this article are very practical and cheap, and these are useful for your life. If you think which accessories you like, you can buy it right away at gemwon.com. You can buy a wide range of smartphone accessories wholesale in HuaQiang North.

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