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How to Convert Internal Hard Drive to External Drive [copy link]


If you have upgraded your laptop or PC with an SSD, you may want to know how to recycling the old hard disk drive. So,how to make reasonable use of the hard disk on the computer? You may want to turn internal hard disk to external hard disk.

Convert hard drive to portable, you can save money on buying a mobile hard drive, and there is no need to worry about the leaked hard drive data.

Here are two ways to convert your computer hard drive into an external USB storage.

What you need to buy:

A mobile HDD caddy (for 2.5-inch hard drive or 3.5-inch hard drive)

There is some mobile hard drive that are powered by a single USB and have no additional power supply interface. Therefore, the voltage supply will be unstable during use. In the process of copying files, it is prone to file copy failure or sudden failure to recognize the mobile hard disk.

Therefore,when purchase of the mobile hard disk caddy, in addition to the usb power supply, also requires a separate power supply interface. A hard disk box with a power supply interface is more stable than a USB interface only.

How to DIY sata hard drive to usb:

Way 1. Hard Drive caddy Converter

Hard disk conversion box, the conversion caddy is designed with sata interface, put the laptop hard disk of SATA interface into the caddy, and then use the power supply on the converter and USB cable, OTG cable to reading hard disk.

How to convert a spare internal HDD into External?

Step 1: Remove the hard drive

1.1 Turn the laptop over and start from the back cover.

1.2 With the back side up, pry the screws on the edge of the notebook and remove the back cover of the notebook.

1.3 Locate the keyboard fixing screws from the back and loosen the keyboard screws.

1.4 Turn the laptop over, open and remove keyboard.

1.5 When the keyboard is removed, pay attention to the connection cable inside the keyboard.

1.6 Remove the iron cover under the keyboard and you will see the hard disk.

1.7 Remove the hard drive.

Step 2: Converting internal hard drive to external with usb caddy

2.1 We open the hard drive caddy and place the HDD or solid-state drive into the hard drive caddy. Note that the interfaces are aligned.

2.2 The installed hard disk box has a usb data cable, using it so that a mobile hard disk is completed.

There are two kinds of data interface, one is the commonly used usb 3.0 interface,the other is type C.

Wecan use this portable hard disk, it is very convenient.

Way 2. Sata Interface Converter

Sata interface converter, the converter is designed with sata interface, so the notebook hard disk of SATA interface can be connected to the converter, and then the hard disk is read by computer, tablet and mobile phone through the USB interface on the converter.

Sata hard disk converters generally support 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard drives, but 3.5-inch hard drives require an external power supply on the converter to read the hard drive.


If your hard disk drive is old, using it to back up important files is risky because the hard drive has a life limit.

If your hard drive is still operational after five years, it is the best choice to use it after turning internal hard drive to external.

So,before you convert your spare hard drive to an external USB drive, you can use some hard drive detection software to check if the drive is healthy.

That's it, the above is how to make sata to usb converter hard disk of your laptop. It's easier to make than you think, you just need to buy the right hard drive disk caddy &connector cable, and try it out.

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