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How to Buy the Best Smart Speakers for 2020 [copy link]


If you want a smart device to tell you the weather, set the alarm clock, control other smart devices, then the smart speaker with display is the best choice. Smart home speakers can control other smart home products, change music playlists, and more.

While most smart speaker uses the Google Assistant, Amazon is actually the first company to introduce a smart speaker with display with built-in Alexa Assistant.

The main page of the smart speaker displays information such as the app store, phone, time, air quality,and more. The desktop scrolls through weather forecasts, news, video recommendations, and more. Click to go to the corresponding function or play page. Settings such as WIFI, on-screen display, call, privacy, and advanced options are also available in the Settings function.

How to set up a smart speaker?

Part 1: How to setup AI speakers in Application

If there is only one speaker, the speaker is connected, indicating that the speaker is added successfully, no other settings are needed.

1. If you need to add multiple speakers, please open the Huawei AI Speaker App, click the icon in the upper left corner of the page, then select Add Speaker and follow the interface prompts.

2. If the speaker can be used normally, but the mobile Application shows that the speaker is offline, and it is still not updated after 5 minutes, you need to add it again. Please click Add Speaker and follow the interface prompts.

Part 2: How to use the smart ​​speaker Bluetooth connection

First connect the speaker and mobile phone to the WLAN network.

1. Turn on the speaker Bluetooth:

Wake up the speakers. The speaker will give a voice prompt:"Bluetooth is on."

You can also open the Smart ​​Speaker Application and tap My >Bluetooth to turn on the speaker's Bluetooth.

2. Turn on the phone Bluetooth:

Open the phone settings interface, turn on Bluetooth, and view the devices that can be connected.

After the Bluetooth connection of the speaker and mobile phone is successful, the speaker will give a voice prompt: "Bluetooth is connected". At this time, the speaker can be used as a Bluetooth speaker to play the audio from your phone.

Part 3: Turnoff Bluetooth

1. Turn off the speaker Bluetooth

Open the AI Speaker App and click My>Bluetooth to turn off the speaker Bluetooth.

2. Turn off the phone Bluetooth:

Open the phone settings and turn off Bluetooth.

How to control the smart home using smart speaker with voice

1. For example, open the Huawei Smart Home App, click Sleep, Go Home,Leave Home, read any scene on the home page, and enter the scene configuration interface.

2. Click "+" on the right side of the interface to select the behaviour of the items and items that need to be controlled. Follow the prompts on the interface to complete the scene configuration.

After the scene configuration is complete, you can control the home device by voice.

How to fix the smart speaker can't be connected to network?

1. If the connection is unsuccessful, you can check if the router is working properly.

2. The above methods cannot solve, you can try to restore the factory settings:

Press and hold the [Pause] on the top of the speaker, and then press[Pause] after hearing the tone. After hearing the voice prompt, you can restore the factory default settings. The smart speaker factory recovery settings are generally in the manual.

The Best Smart Speaker with Screen Display 2020

If you're looking for a smart speaker with an on-screen display to help you control your smart home, here are 3 new smart speakers to help you get a better life in 2020.

1. Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo Smart Display is a smart speaker with on-screen display that uses Google's Assistant. The Lenovo Smart Display has a large screen and excellent speakers, so using it to watch movies and video calls is a good choice.

2. Amazon Echo Spot

Unlike cylindrical, square smart speakers, the Echo Spot features a bold spherical design that cuts off a bevelled ball that is larger than a softball,with a 2.5-inch and 480*480 resolution screen, and high-definition. This camera has a black and white colors.

The appearance of the Echo Spot bedside alarm gives it a new application scene in addition to the living room - the room.

I believe that many users who have purchased will tend to put it on the bedside as an alarm clock. On the one hand, Echo Spot has the intelligence and convenience of Alexa voice control. On the other hand, broadcasting news,listening to music stations, and speaker functions are common needs for people before going to bed or when they wake up.

After setting the night mode, Echo Spot's screen adjusts the screen brightness at specific points of the day, so you don't have to worry about too bright screens affecting sleep.

3. Portable Cartoon Dog Smart Speaker


Mini Robot Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Bluetooth Creative Bank Receiver Music Player Stereo Speaker for easy portability and storage.


Bluetooth wireless connection.

MP3 playback function.

Mobile power function.

Efficient smart Bluetooth quick connect chip. Bluetooth effective distance up to 7 meters.


Load and transfer can be completed by connecting only one line of the computer.

Continuation for a long time: 1200MA large capacity lithium battery,standby time up to 240 hours, playing time up to 12 hours.


Under the development of voice interaction technology, smart speaker for music have become more and more popular in family life scene while providing content,entertainment and life services, and become the control centre of smart home.

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