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How to Prevent Drone Crashes [copy link]


Drones are toys that young people like very much, but it's not cheap. When you spend a lot of money to buy a drone, as a beginner you should learn preventing drone crashes and better protect your new drone.

Tips for Preventing Drone Crashes

1. Selection of flight region for drones

In the flight away from obstructions,away from metal buildings, away from radar and communication base stations,such places can easily interfere with the drone's navigation signals, which may cause the drone easy to crash.

Also stay away from people.

2. Limit drone speed and lighting

As a beginner for drone, we should set restrictions on the APP, the flight speed should be limited, the operational sensitivity should be lowered, and the pan/tilt should be slowed down.

Limit the speed of flight steering and pan/tilt. Turn off the navigation lights when shooting at night.

3. Calibrate GPS before flight

The drone has GPS positioning. It is best to refresh the navigation point before each flight and check if the propeller is normal.

4. Set battery level reminder

A drone battery can fly for about 20-25 minutes. When the battery is about 25% remaining and the remote controller gives an alarm, you should consider returning. If the power is reduced to 10% or less, then the toy drone will be at risk of crashing. It is important to use a 30% spare battery to land the drone.

5. Flying good weather

Good weather means no wind, moderate temperature and no precipitation. There will be no excessive environmental factors that prevent the drone from flying normally.

6. Check the drone propeller

The rotor/propeller of the drone should be strong and soft to avoid injury or damage to other objects.Therefore, they are easily bent and deformed after several bumps. Always check each propeller before flying to ensure they are perfectly fly.

7. First flight

Select one direction to advance or pan.

Beginners often very nervous when they use their drones first time. The joystick of the remote control has a short stroke and is very light, and it is easy for novices to use too much force.

But in fact, drone photography does not necessarily need so many skills, adjust the head to point to the video, and then shoot the natural aerial video in only one direction. Take some time to adapt to the strength and direction of the putter, and take it from slow to fast.

8. Choose the right flight height

Flying higher can be seen farther, making more real photos, and less likely to collide with obstacles.

Aerial drones for photography, the biggest advantage is that you can fly near the ground. At the height of the treetops, you can take more details and be more exciting. However, more likely to hit the ground or obstacles, so choose an appropriate height to add to your shooting.

9. Prevent drones from losing

If you are concerned about the loss of drones during flight, this must be a problem for most beginner drone players, so here is an article to teach you how to deal with lost drones.

10. Take a photo

Shooting amazing works with drones requires of flying skills and photography knowledge.

The integrated camera is popular in consumer drones, and its operation interface is very close to that of smartphones. It can see the viewfinder screen in real time, adjust the exposure and other parameters, and can control the camera and video.

Although the flight operation is still clumsy, but like using a mobile phone to find a good angle, press the shutter and you can take a better photo.

Unfortunately, your drone has been damaged.

What to do when you crash your drone?

1. Looking for a repair center

Returning the drone to the manufacturer may be the first choice. The huge facility is equipped with factory parts and calibration software to ensure proper repair. If your drone is in the warranty, you can repair it for free. But if there is no authorized repair shop near you, there is no better option.

2. DIY repair

If the surface of the drone has obvious damage and does not require professional repairs involving internal disassembling, then we can consider purchasing the drone parts to replace the broken parts. For example, damage to the drone propeller, we only need to buy anew propeller and install.

UAVs are complex devices that rely on a variety of systems to function properly. This article teaches you howto reduce the risk of drone crashes.

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