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How to Fix Fingerprint Sensor Android [copy link]


I've got a broken fingerprint sensor and I'm wondering about my options for replacing this. Pixel 2XL Replacing fingerprint sensor: DIY, or? This post teaches you replacing fingerprint sensor phone at lowest price.

1) For DIY repairs. If you have tools and it is convenient to buy accessories, you can try it yourself, it is worth the risk. In case your attempt fails, it may cause more trouble and cell phone damage.

2) Professional maintenance. A professional repair shop usually needs a lot of cost to help you replace fingerprint scanner.

What should smartphone users do when fingerprint sensor not working? We can do some simple test before repairs, which may solve the fingerprint sensor problem or judge the parts that need to be replaced.

What should I do if there is a problem with the Phone fingerprint sensor?

1. Simple home button problems, such as the unsatisfactory response effect: just replace the home button gasket, without replacing the Touch ID part.

2. The Home button module is damaged, such as no response when pressed,broken cable, etc. May need to replace fingerprint module.

3. The Home button is used normally, the Touch ID does not respond, and the fingerprint function is lost. You should find after-sales service.

For example:

The fingerprint is one-to-one corresponding to the processor. After an iPhone with Touch ID is shipped from the factory, the Touch ID information contained in the Home key module is one-to-one corresponding to the A8 processor. It cannot be used after separation. So, when it comes to Touch ID failure, Apple's official after-sale is preferred.

Fingerprint sensor not working after restarting

This is mainly designed for the security of the user's mobile phone. The mobile phone's fingerprint identification system Touch ID does not store the user's fingerprint information, but the fingerprint information is stored in the chip of the mobile phone after being converted into digitization. This part of the chip is protected by encryption. Only your fingerprint and password can be used after activation.

In other words, when your phone restarts, the fingerprint information in Touch ID protected by the chip is isolated and not activated. It must be enabled by a digital password.

Therefore, if the fingerprint identification fails after restarting, you only need to enter your digital password once, and this is also a protection mechanism.

Android update:

There are system bugs or software cause the unrecognized fingerprint

Solution: Upgrade to the latest version of the system. The new version of the system may fix many errors and bugs.

Drag the notification panel down and click the "Settings" icon.

In the settings, click "Software Update".

Click on the "Check for Updates" option and wait for the phone to check for new updates.

If there are new updates, click the "Download Updates Manually" option.

Phone cannot register fingerprints:

1. Home button or finger is not clean

Sometimes, the sweat or dirt on the home button or your finger can affect the sensitivity of fingerprint recognition. It is recommended to check your fingers and Home button for dust, sweat or other dirty ground, and wipe it to solve it.

2. Fingers are not aligned

When using fingerprint recognition, sometimes the position of the finger is not correctly placed / corrected or when the fingerprint placement is very different from the previous one, it is found that this will also affect the sensitivity of the fingerprint recognition to some extent. It is recommended to adjust finger position can solve it.

3. Reset the fingerprint identification settings

If the above methods are excluded and the fingerprint is still insensitive, it is recommended to delete the original fingerprint and re-enter the new fingerprint information.

Android phone add new fingerprint:

1. First open the settings on your phone's home screen.

2. Open the option that the fingerprint and password in the settings.

3. After opening the fingerprint and password, first enter the previously set digital password. For example, if you did not set a password on the phone, you need to set a digital password before you can enter the fingerprint.

4. After entering the password, click Add Fingerprint.

5. Place your finger on the home button and move it again. Repeat this step. Remember to move your finger.

6. Repeatedly put your finger on the home button until the fingerprint entry is completed.

Fingerprint sensor hardware not available: The fingerprint sensor on the phone may have stopped working, which means that the sensor is damaged or an important part used to handle fingerprint scanning is damaged. Finding hardware problems is very troublesome, and hardware problems can only be solved by having your phone repaired.

Last but not least, if you choose DIY repair android fingerprint sensor, then GEMWON can provide you with the repair parts for phone, buy replacement fingerprint sensor for phone and buy all the parts you need for DIY in one stop. All items have a 6-month warranty and a 14-day return policy,while providing you with professional technical services.

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