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How to Fix iPhone Screen Colors Messed up [copy link]


There is a question that: My colors is screwed up on screen iPhone x.The colors on the iPhone display screen colors distorted. This article will give you some troubleshooting to solve the colors distortion on iPhone X screen.

How to Fix the iPhone Display Screen Colors Distorted?

Force restart iPhone

This is the first solution to solve such problems. Many software conflicts or program crashes can be solved by restarting.

On iPhone 8/8 Plus or later iPhone X: press and quickly release the Volume Up button, then do the same for the Volume Down button. Follow up by pressing the Side button, and hold until the display suddenly shuts off — about 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo.

After the iPhone restarts, the problem should disappear. If the iPhone x screen colour problem persists, try the next step.

Update iOS

Updates for iOS come with bug fixes and performance improvements.Therefore, if you suspect that a software conflict is causing the iPhone screen colour fading, then I suggest you try to update the IOS.

Make sure your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi and connected to a charger to keep the iPhone charged.

step 1. Open the Settings on your iPhone → tap General.

Step 2. Now click on "Software Update".

Step 3. If prompted to update the system version.

Close iPhone color filter

iOS lets you filter the colors of your device. Depending on your settings, you can choose filters to enhance the display effect.

step 1. Open the Settings on your iOS device → tap General.

Step 2. Click Accessibility.

Step 3. Next, click on Display Accommodations → click on the color filter.

Step 4. Turn off the switch next to the color filter.

Reset to factory

If the above solution does not solve iPhone screen colors weird, you can reset the device to the factory default. It is to clear all existing settings including Wi-Fi passwords and account details.

Reset all settings on iPhone

step 1. Click Settings → click General.

Step 2. Click Reset → Click to reset all settings.

Step 3. Enter your iPhone passcode → Enter a restricted passcode and confirm.

Enable True Tone

When this feature is enabled, your iPhone display will automatically adapt to the surrounding lightning conditions, making the iPhone screen colors look consistent in different environments. Here's how to enable True Tone on iPhone X:

Go to settings.

Select display and brightness.

Then click the switch next to "True Tone" to enable the feature.

Setting your iPhone screen to short sleep can also help prevent screen aging issues. It is not recommended to set a longer auto-lock time.

To manage this setting, go to the Settings-> Display and Brightness-> Auto-Lock menu and adjust the time of inactivity to turn off the screen faster when the iPhone is idle.

Enable automatic brightness control

To do this, navigate to the Settings> General> Accessibility>Show Accommodation menu and tap to enable the feature.

In addition to automatic locking, you must avoid using high-contrast images. A high-contrast image is an image with a large contrast between dark and light, especially the charge between those afterimages may cause the afterimage portion of the iPhone screen looks weird.

If your iPhone X still displays screen burn-in, green lines, and other weird screen colors, you must consider it due to hardware issues, especially if this has affected your iPhone experience. You can also ask for some other specific suggestions or any advanced workarounds to try.

If your iPhone is still in warranty, then official after-sales repair is the best option. If unfortunately, the product is out of the warranty, then someone with repair experience can consider replacing the iPhone screen self. We can provide with iPhone repair parts you need, including iPhone screen and other flex cables.

The Bottom Line:

The troubleshooting tips in this article will help you resolve all screen issues on your device, including iPhone green screen. I hope we can help you fix iPhone screen weird colors and lines.

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