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The Best Ways to Clean a MacBook Screen [copy link]


A MacBook has been used for a long time and you may need to clean the keyboard,screen, DVD drive, headphone jack, USB port and more MacBook parts. A dirty screen can dim your display. How to clean fingerprints off MacBook screen? What are the best ways of cleaning an Apple MacBook Screen?

How to clear fingerprints on the MacBook screen?

Can you clean a MacBook screen with alcohol? You can use a little fleece, a thinner cloth with water. Do not use organic solvents such as alcohol. If the water cannot remove the surface deposits, you can buy a special electronic screen detergent instead of the water.

Use dust-removing stickers. Electronic product screen protection films usually come with dust-removing stickers. The dust-removing stickers can remove the dust on the surface of MacBook screen.

Steps for MacBook screen cleaning

1. Turn off the computer. Disconnect the power adapter from the computer.

Clean the dust and other particles on the surface, because it must be removed to avoid the surface with high hardness particles such as sand, and to avoid screen scratches during the cleaning process below.

2. Wet a soft cloth. Moisten the soft cloth with a little water, and it will be moist.

3. Carefully move in small circles across the screen. When rubbing,apply it gently and evenly, don't use too much force. For fingerprints, grease marks, or stubborn stains, you need to use a screen cleaner.

How to keep your MacBook screen clean?

There are a few simple things you can do to keep your MacBook clean. Use your Mac laptop carefully. Don't eat while using a MacBook and keep it away from debris and dust. Keep your MacBook in a protective case to protect it and keep it clean.

Clean MacBook Pro keyboard

1. Turn off your portable computer and make sure it is not plugged into a power adapter.

2. Make sure to get a dry towel and quickly wipe food or drink from your keyboard.

3. Clean up the sticky keys by getting a dry towel and applying a cleaner on the flannel. Now, carefully wipe the key with a flannel.

4. If you want to do better, or the keyboard is damaged by liquid drinks, then you must remove every key and clean the key bracket separately.

MacBook ABCD cover Cleaning

Notebook case cleaning, the first thing to notice is the case material,because some notebook cases will use a special process paint coating, so avoid using a solvent to damage the coating of the notebook case.

1. Shut down and unplug the MacBook power adapter.

2. Lightly moisten a soft cloth with water.

3. Carefully wipe your MacBook case. For those speakers on both sides,or the ventilation holes, do not wipe with too moist towels.

4. Spray the USB port with compressed air. Compressed air is the best way to clean your USB port. If you haven't purchased compressed air, you can also use a cotton swab as a replacement.

How to clean the inside of your MacBook?

Most notebooks remove the D side and remove all the screws to see the internal structure of the notebook.

a: Shut down before disassembling and cleaning.

b: First use a brush and hair dryer to clean the dust.

c: Part of the radiator, especially the location of the air outlet, can use compressed air to blow in the direction of the air to avoid blowing the dust to the inside. In addition, the pressure of the compressed air will have a stronger dust removal effect.

Because there are many internal components, avoid using any wet towels, cleaning cloths, and cleaning solvents.

Tips for cleaning your MacBook

1. It is best to clean with a lint cloth.

2. Avoid cleaning your MacBook with water, strong oxidants, and unknown detergents. Alcohol needs to be used with caution (avoid coating where possible).

3. Please spray the cleaning agent on the wiping cloth and then wipe the electronic part, instead of spraying directly on the electronic components.

4. Oily stains are difficult to clean with water, and generally need to be dissolved with a cleaning solvent. The glue marks left by common stickers can be cleaned with organic solvents such as alcohol, but it is best not to use organic solvents for the screen.

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This article details some of the best ways to clean MacBook screen without streaks. Most other electronic device can learn the similar cleaning methods, such as external displays.

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