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What is the Best Children's LED Drawing Board [copy link]


The painting copy table is also called the led drawing board and the write-through station is mainly composed of acrylic materials. When using led drawing board for kids, place the original on the copy table, then take normal A4 printing paper or drawing on top of the original, plug in the power to light up the copy table, and adjust to the brightness and you can create your artwork.

What is alight board for drawing?

Early copying desks were mostly inlaid with a glass on a wooden table panel, with candles and oil lamps as the main light bulb. Later, some people changed the light source to an incandescent lamp. This is an early copying desk. Traditional light transmission equipment is made of wood, with lamps inside. Until now, the development of technology can give us a thin LED light board, connect to the USB power of the computer and start working.

It is a professional tool for making comics and cartoon in the early days. It is now mostly used in the field of hand-painted, cartoon design and illustration. The light of the LED light can be adjusted. When painter use them, they can overlay multiple artwork together, and they can clearly see the pictures on the led drawing board and copy them to the paper.

Animators can be used to draw decomposition actions. You can stack 7, 8 sheets of paper in succession, and draw 7, 8 decomposition pictures in succession. Cartoonists can also easily portray drafts as official drafts, so the light drawing board is one of the necessary tools for professional cartoonists. It enables architects and artists to paint with greater precision.

Many beginners in painting start from copying. Light drawing board for kids is more effective for children to learn painting with a copy table, which can help them understand and learning. At the same time, diversified will also make children full of interest in painting learning.

How to use alight board for drawing?

1. Put an original on the first layer of the copying table, and then put another piece of drawing paper or normal A4 printing paper on top of the original (second layer), then plug it in and light up the copy board.

2. After adjusting the brightness, you can clearly see the pattern on the original, just follow the pattern on the paper to copy it.

3. Follow the lines on the original to copy, copy the entire pattern,turn off the light source, and take the drawing paper and the original to compare the two patterns.

The role of LED copy board:

1. Cartoon and comic production teams and individuals.

2. Anime creation enthusiasts.

3. Painting training classroom for animation teaching.

4. Professional interior, architecture, clothing design and drawing.

At present, it has many applications in painting and cartoon making and is an indispensable tool.

How to choose the best light boxes for artists?


Do you need to carry a light box with you? If so, you should consider of purchasing an a4 led drawing light box. This is a good choice for relatively lightweight portable items that fit seamlessly into your backpack.


The U-clip can be firmly fixed on the drawing board. The colour and brightness of the LED panel can be adjusted. It can be adjusted to the light feeling close to the daylight or the most comfortable light for your eyes.

As a regular beginner painter or illustrator, you may need an easier to use drawing box. Some even come with swivel fixing brackets, in which you can lock the light box in place and rotate it for a better drawing angle.

You know what kind of LED light box you want to buy and your budget is limited, then I will help you find the perfect painting light box.

LED Tracing Light pad for Kids

Diamond painting A4 LED light pad dimmable tracing light board flat plate with light box pad bracket, 12 coloured pencils and adapters, suitable for artists, painting, sketching, animation.

Light box Laptop Stand: Adjust 6 angles and the non-slip traction stand helps work better on Aircraft traction light boards.

Simple power: Easy to connect USB ports, such as computers, adapters, wall sockets and mobile power.

Touch-sensitive switch design: Light touch screen off / on, can maintain light touch to adjust brightness.

Children's LED light drawing pad: Light Box laptop stand, 1 pencil, 12 coloured pencils, 20 A4 paper, 1 usb adapter, etc. LED board ensures low energy consumption and lifespan up to 50000 hours.


The A4 LED light traction plate is made of acrylic (plexiglass) panel,stylish and durable.

The light board is made of environmentally friendly materials, with built-in flicker-free and bright LED lights. The light guide plate can filter harmful rays and protect the eyes for a long time.

Tracing light boards provide the most comfortable lighting environment for sketching and painting, 2D animation, architectural design, industrial design, sewing projects, cartoon design, X-ray viewing and more.

Easy to use, versatile, novel and fun, suitable for drawing beginners and children to learn painting.

Light Pad for Diamond Painting

Diamond painting roller ---- durable PP handle and PC roller surface production, smooth scrolling experience. It is very suitable for pressing the roller for diamond spraying, which effectively helps the diamond paint bead to stick to the canvas.

Practical diamond painting tools ---- easy to capture diamonds, make diamond painting easier, and nail pencils can be attached to nail diamonds or mobile phone decoration stickers tools. More suitable for decorative panel painting.

In addition to being great for painting and drawing, photographers can also use light boxes to view slides or negatives. They can be used for other purposes, such as scrap booking and other creative activities, very useful, such as calligraphy, silk screen printing, embroidery, sewing, etc., and the possibilities are endless!

Anime character painting or diamond painting, decorative painting,follow the outline of the image or picture using the light box will get better results than not using it. This light drawing board reviews needs can be met at GEMWON,we are committed to providing you with quality products for children's education.

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