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How to Choose LED Car Lights [copy link]


Refitting the car lights has become an enthusiastic thing for many car owners, hoping that the car will look more fashionable and easier to use. This article offers the cost-effective tips before buying led car lights.

The design of different lights makes your car look more stylish. Classified according to the location and use of the lights. There are several kinds of car lights:

1. Tail light

They are located at the rear of the car and are used for turning and parking signals. They also serve as warning vehicles to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle.

2. Fog lights

They are basically used in foggy weather conditions to increase visibility. They also allow cars driving in the opposite direction to notice you clearly, thus preventing accidents.

3. Headlight

They are the headlights of the car and the main lights that guide the car, especially in the night or in dark areas.

4. Decorative or car reading light

The reading light in the car allows people in the car to see clearly at night. After something is dropped, it is easy to find the item in the car or add light. It can also be used as a decorative interior light to highlight the ambient atmosphere in the car. The color, brightness, temperature, direction, etc. of the atmosphere light can be set according to the needs, which can be more gorgeous at night,enhance the atmosphere, and create an indoor atmosphere.

How to Select Replacement Car light bulbs?

Halogen Lamps

The brightness of halogen lamps is relatively low, although the price is low compared to other car bulbs.Visibility is not high when driving at night. So now halogen lamps are not common.

Xenon Lamp

The brightness of the xenon lamp is the highest of these three lamps. Compared with the halogen lamp, the brightness is three times higher, and the brightness of this lamp is closest to the sunlight. Secondly, its price is lower than the price of LED lights. But its service life will be short, and it is easy to wear out. It will be replaced after basically three thousand hours of use.

LED Lamp

The power consumption of LED bulbs is lower than other bulbs. The fast switching response time of the LED light means that you can see the light from the moment you turn on the headlight.

LED bulbs are not as bright as xenon lamps, but they do have brighter and more intense colors. The most important thing is that it is very small, so it is more suitable for most models, and it can be a perfect design close to the headlights. The LED headlight has low energy consumption and a lifespan of more than 10,000 hours,which is the best comprehensive performance among the three type car light bulbs.

Howto Choose Replacement Lights for Car?

1. First see if your car is suitable for installing the LED lights you purchased.

2. Different car models of LED bulbs are also different. If you want to change the car headlights,take a look at the model description of the lights in the car manual.

3. Select the LED headlight with "radiator + fan dissipation" thermal mode. Current LED headlights are generally cooled by a radiator, or copper band, and there is a radiator + fan cooling. LED is a cold light source, but the LED headlight lamp beads and components will still generate heat, and there are some requirements on heat dissipation.

4. Spotlight. If the spotlight effect is not good, it will cause glare, which is the same as the hernia headlight. Therefore, in addition to the brightness of the LED headlights, also need to choose a higher spotlight.

5. Most LED headlights can achieve 35W, ordinary halogen headlights are about 50W-60W. The brightness of the 35W LED headlight can reach 4000 lumens. Although halogen headlights are 50W-60W, they can only reach about 1500 lumens, and the brightness of hernia headlights is generally only 3500 lumens. So, choose the power of LED car lamp in 20~30W.

The Bottom Line:

It is best to choose a big brand to buy led interior car lighting kits, so that the quality and design meet the standards. The Chinese wholesale online store GEMWON provides high-quality auto parts to customers worldwide.

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