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What is the Use of Car Phone Holder [copy link]


As long as the mobile phone has a network, information such as navigation, real-time road conditions, parking spaces, etc. can be easily found on the mobile phone map navigation. And the convenience of updating mobile phone navigation at any time is better than many car navigations. So, what is the role of best cell phone holders for cars?

Part 1: what is the role of the cell phone holders for cars?

1. Better Use Phone for Navigation

In our driving process, car navigation is something we cannot ignore. Especially when we are in a strange place, the navigation system will be very important.However, the navigation provided by the car has certain limitations. Therefore,many drivers will use mobile phone map navigation.

At this time, the mobile phone holder for car plays a very important role. We can put the phone on the stand to act as a navigator. At the same time, if the mobile phone holder provides wireless charging function, it can charge the mobile phone while navigating, which is convenient and fast.

2. Convenient mobile phone charging

The mobile phone bracket of the car solves the problem of placing the mobile phone when the mobile phone is charged. This not only makes the car console tidier, but also facilitates the wireless charging for mobile phones.

3. Answer the phone while driving

Safety is the first priority of driving, but there are also occasional emergencies that need to be handled.

Therefore, at this time, the mobile phone holder of the car played a great role. We can use the answer the call using hands-free. There will be no dangerous behaviours such as one-handed driving. The mobile phone bracket for car can make our driving safer and more convenient.

Part 2: Where is the best place to install car phone bracket?

In order to facilitate navigation,where is our mobile phone bracket suitable for installation? The following summarizes the positions of the most frequently placed mobile phone brackets in the car. You can choose the installation location of the mobile phone bracket according to your needs.

1. Center console: Many people like to install the car phone bracket here, but sometimes it is easy to block the view.

2. Air conditioner air outlet: Place a mobile phone bracket on the air conditioner air outlet. The air outlet blades are generally required to be horizontal. The air outlet blades of some models are vertical or round, which is not suitable for car phone holders with air conditioning air outlets.

3. Front window glass: A portable navigator seems to be installed by many people here. The car phone holder that uses a strong pressure suction cup base can be glued on, and can be removed when not in use.

4. The position on the left side near the A-pillar: Some people are installed it here, the advantage is that it will not block the view.

5. Cigarette lighter: Some cars may not be usable, because the handrail may be blocked.

6. Other: Some positions on the left side of the windshield.

Magnetic phone holder

Find a level place on console,indicating that it must be smooth and level. (If the surface is uneven, the film on the bottom of the mobile phone holder is easy to fall off, which affects the use effect of the mobile phone holder) Most people like to buy magnetic car phone holder for wireless charging, if your mobile phone can support wireless charging.

When installing, first wipe the surface clean with a towel, then untie the film on the bottom of the mobile phone bracket and firmly fix it on the driver's platform.

Suction cup mobile phone bracket

The mobile phone holder is attached to the glass. The front-end central control suction cup type mobile phone bracket is installed in the lower position of the front windshield, so as not to block the sight. The bracket should be as small as possible. It can also be attached to the left window.

Mobile phone bracket for air vent

Open the air-conditioning port in the car, and clip the bottom clip of the mobile phone bracket to the air-conditioning outlet of the car.

The installation of the mobile phone bracket of the air conditioner outlet type is simple, and it is generally inserted in the position of the air outlet grille.

Easy to install and disassemble. This method is undoubtedly the most solid and secure. However, it will cause some inconvenience to the use of air conditioners.

Part 3: Whereto buy mobile phone holder for car?

The best cell phone holder for car at GEMWON auto parts wholesale mall. Magnetic car phone holders are the most common, cheap and easy to install, and you can choose where to install.

At the same time, its suction cup phone holder for car also ensures that you will not be subjected to any form of pressure or difficulty when installing the car phone bracket to the windshield or dashboard. You will get a one-year warranty on all auto products. Before purchasing a mobile phone holder, please be sure to check carefully whether it is compatible with your mobile phone.


The above is the role of the car phone holder and what is the best car phone holder. Hope to help all drivers. I also hope that everyone will use the mobile phone holder on the premise of ensuring driving safety.

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