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How to Apply Thermal Paste Laptop [copy link]


The CPU introduces heat into the heat fan through thermal grease to achieve heat dissipation. When the CPU heat is too high, the laptop will have blue screen, freeze, restart and other phenomena. Replacing the thermal grease can effectively solve this problem. So how to apply thermal paste to GPU CPU?

1. Thermal paste

Thermal paste is also called thermal silicon, CPU paste, heatsink paste, etc. Thermal paste is an accessory with multiple effects of lubricant + heat conduction + heat dissipation. Its real role is to increase the better adhesion between the CPU and the heat sink.

2. Preparations before replacing thermal paste

Tools for replacing thermal paste: thermal paste, paper, cotton pads, alcohol

A clean cotton cloth or cotton ball should be used for cleaning and wiped carefully. If there are some stains that cannot be wiped off, you can use some easily volatile liquids, such as alcohol. When using these liquids, just a little damp cotton cloth or cotton ball to wipe.


After disassembling the laptop. Unscrew the screws that can be seen on the back and then just slowly open the back cover from the gap.

Disconnect the fan cable.

Generally, there will be adhesion between the fan and the copper tube.You can cut it with a knife first, then unplug the power cord of laptop fan, unscrew all the screws on the fan, and remove the dust on the fan with a brush.

Remove CPU,GPU, laptop fan

Remove the thermally conductive copper tube. The thermally conductive copper tube, heat sink, the CPU and graphics card are connected together. There will be several screws on the metal. Make sure to loosen each screw and then gently pull it away.

At this time, you can see the CPU and graphics card, the grey solid above is thermal paste that needs cleaning.

3. Notebook thermal paste replacement

1. In addition to the CPU, the GPU needs to be replaced (if the notebook has a dedicated graphics card). First disassemble the machine and remove the radiator. Before applying the thermal paste, clean the original thermal paste or silicone on the radiator and the chip and then apply it.

2. Use paper to remove the residual thermal paste on the surface of the radiator.

3. Be careful when cleaning the thermal paste, don't scratch the chip.

4. Clean the thermal paste on the surface of the chip with a soft cloth such as a lens cloth.

5. Squeeze the pea-sized thermal paste in the middle of the chip.

6. Use a small spatula or rubber finger sleeve to spread the thermal paste evenly, and install the radiator.

If the thermal paste sticker is used, after the first step of cleaning, the thermal paste is applied to the surface of the chip, and the protective paste on the other side is torn off. If the area of the thermal paste sticker is larger than the chip, to cut off the excess before attaching.


When reassembling, please carefully place the heat sink on the GPU. Make sure that all screw holes on the heat sink are above the board holes.

Place the heat sink, CPU, and GPU correctly.

Connect the fan cable and place the GPU with the laptop fan on the board.

Mounting screws.


After the apply thermal paste, it is recommended that you run some programs or games with a large load to allow the grease to fully melt and fill the gap between the chip and the heat sink to achieve the best heat dissipation.

Thermal paste is to make up for the gap between the fan and the CPU. It is to increase the contact area, and it does not have a heat dissipation function. It should be as thin as possible. If the applied thickness is not suitable, it will affect the heat dissipation of the notebook cooling system.

4. Laptop thermal paste replacement cost

If the notebook is still under warranty, you need to get it to the official repair shop to clean it, usually about 20USD.

If it is not in the warranty period, if you take it to the repair shop to clean the dust and change thermal paste,according to the difficulty of disassembly, it is generally more than 30USD.

In fact, it is very easy to replace the thermal compound paste. If you have a screwdriver and you can buy a new of heat sink paste for less than US$10, you can replace it yourself.

If the important parts of your notebook are broken, let the store help you clean and replace it with heatsink past when repairing.

5. How often replace the thermal paste on your laptop?

In most cases, you need to perform good dust removal work, so please use a can of air compressor every 6 months or so, and then blow it. Generally, thermal paste can be used for about 2 years. If the CPU temperature is found to increase, you may also need to consider reapplying thermal paste.

6. What laptop thermal paste price to buy?

When buying thermal paste, look for thermal paste with high thermal conductivity. Thermal conductivity (W/MK)is the ability of a material to transfer heat. Higher conductivity means better cooling. More laptop repair kits, replacement of silicone grease,and replacement parts can purchase at the GEMWON wholesale mall.

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