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How to Choose the Right Solar Lights Garden [copy link]


The use of new energy electrical appliances is becoming more and more common. Solar lights are a good lighting device suitable for lighting. So, are solar garden lights easy to use? How to choose solar garden lights? This article can provide you with some knowledge of outdoor solar lights for house.

The best way to decorate lawn and garden lighting is to add solar garden lights. The small decorative lights just add a little color to the lawn at night. Larger garden lights are used to illuminate the sidewalks in the garden. Solar lights use light from the sun to convert them into electrical energy, and then power the solar lights in the dark. This is very environmentally friendly, because sunlight is a natural renewable energy.

Part 1: What are the advantages of solar lighting?

1. Healthy Light

The light does not contain ultraviolet rays and infrared rays, and radiation is not prone to occur. (ordinary light lines contain ultraviolet rays and infrared rays.)

2. Long Life

The semiconductor chip emits light, no filament, no glass bubble, not afraid of vibration, and will not be broken, and the service life can more than 50,000 hours.

3. Green and Environmental

No harmful elements such as mercury and xenon, easy to recycle and reuse, and will not produce electromagnetic interference. (ordinary lights contain elements such as mercury and lead, and electronic ballasts in energy-saving lamps will produce electromagnetic interference.)

4. High Light Efficiency

90% of electric energy is converted into visible light (80% of electric energy of incandescent light bulb is converted into heat energy, and only 20% of electric energy is converted intolight energy.)

5. Protect Eyesight

No stroboscopic (ordinary lights are AC driven, inevitably produce stroboscopic)

6. Security

The required voltage and current are small, the heat is small, and it is not easy to cause hidden dangers. It can be used in dangerous places such as mines.

Part 2: Howto choose the best solar lights?

How long the landscape solar garden light can be used is closely related to various factors. The quality of the battery affects the length of time the solar garden light.

1. Solar Panel

The main function of solar panels is to convert light energy into electrical energy. Among the many solar cells, the most common and practical ones are mainly monocrystalline silicon solar cells, polycrystal line silicon solar cells and amorphous silicon solar cells. Polysilicon solar cells are used in areas with sufficient sunlight and good sunlight.

2. Solar charge controller

Regardless of the size of solar lamps,a good performance charge and discharge control circuit is essential. In order to increase the service life of the battery, its charge and discharge conditions must be limited to prevent the battery from overcharging and deep discharge. A good solar lamp needs a charge-discharge control circuit with good performance.

3. Energy Storage Battery

Since the input energy of the solar photovoltaic power generation system is not stable enough, it is generally necessary to configure the storage battery to work. Solar landscape lights are no exception, and batteries must be configured to work.

The selection of battery capacity generally follows the following principles:

1. First of all, under the premise of being able to meet the lighting at night, store the energy of the solar cell modules during the day as much as possible.

2. At the same time, it must also be able to store electrical energy that satisfies the lighting requirements of rainy days and night.

4. Load

Solar lighting products have the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection. Of course, the load must be energy-saving and have a long life. Most solar lawn lamps use LED as the light source. The LED has a long life, which can reach more than 100,000 hours, and the working voltage is low. It is very suitable for application in lawn.

Solar garden lights generally use LED lights or 12V DC energy-saving lamps. The voltage of DC energy-saving lamps is DC, without inverter, which is convenient and safe.

How to choose the parameters of solar energy lamps?

1. Select the solar energy light according to the illuminance requirements, and the general light efficiency ratio represents the degree of power saving.

2. Calculate the required power according to the running time. Pay attention to the difference between winter and summer.

3. Estimate the minimum usage of the battery board based on the electricity consumption and the sunshine data at the installation site.

4. Estimate battery capacity based on power consumption and system self-sustaining time.

Part 3: Howto Use Solar Lights to Brighten?

LED Solar Lights for Garden

Some people use these solar power lamps as decoration. It can be interior decoration or outdoor decoration. These are more of the Solar Under Ground Lamp on the road, ideal for sidewalks or gardens.Therefore, according to your needs, you can choose the ideal solar lamp.

Solar LED Street Lights

These lights are usually small and often dangerous. These lights can store light energy during the day, as well as away to lit up the lights at night. If you want your road to appear as a bright path, make sure to buy enough bulbs.

Decorative Solar String Lights

Decorative solar string lights are mainly used for gatherings. In the house, you put them in different glass bottles on the dining table and even use them as lanterns during camping. No matter on any occasion, it will be suitable for decorative solar lights.

Outdoor solar garden lights advantages and instructions, solar lights can meet ideas of saving power and using garden lights safely. You can buy solar garden lights near you, or choose outdoor solar lights in bulk GEMWON Mall.

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