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The Best New Car Accessories 2020 [copy link]


In this article, we summarize the most essential car accessories for 2020. By using it for safer, smoother and more enjoyable driving, there are many options to enhance your driving experience.

Smart Rear View Mirror

The functional essence of the smart rear view mirror of the car not only integrates the driving recorder,navigation and other functions that the user needs. More importantly, the intelligent voice interaction function is added, and it has a very powerful natural language control capability. Through the network, more than 90% of the functions can be controlled by voice, so as to truly liberate your hands and ensure driving safety.

Portable Car Refrigerators

With self-driving travel, it has gradually become a new trend of travel. Picking the most popular light weight car refrigerator nowadays has gradually become the best choice for outdoor.When you go out to play, you may need to consider the medicines of your parents. The children's favourite fruits, yogurt, ice cream and other cold and delicious foods. The most popular barbecues, chicken wings, seafood and other fresh food, summer favourite beer also need to be refrigerated. Therefore, it is really necessary to buy a refrigerator for car.

Buy Car Electronics Accessories Online

If you want to buy car refrigerator online at best price, then 12V car refrigerator is your best choice. We think this is the best car refrigerator because it satisfies all the advantages we mentioned when looking for a 12-volt car refrigerator. Considering its cooling, storage capacity, durability, power usage and price, it is the most affordable.

There are tips for The Best Camping Fridges for Car. Now it is easy to find 12v refrigerator.You can buy GEMWON, Walmart and other car cooler online stores. They are also available online on Amazon and eBay.

Car DVR Camera

Driving recorder is a cool car accessory. It is used to photograph the driver's journey as the car starts and travels. Driving recorder is not a tool to protect you personally, but it can ensure your safety on the road, and the pictures taken can be used to prove who is responsible when an accident occurs. Driving recorder is an essential car accessory for anyone who spends a good time on the road. It can help you know what happened when you were not next to the car, if anything was stolen.

The best dash cams recommended for drivers: If you are interested in buying a DVR, GEMWON is your best choice.We are the most intimate online wholesale mall in the world. Affordable,high-quality and fast shipping will give you the perfect shopping experience.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

Tires are an assurance of our driving safety.  What is car tire pressure monitoring? This is a health monitoring of the car's safety.

The OBD device is plugged into the car and connected with the mobile phone via Bluetooth to monitor the tire pressure of the four wheels of the car. At the same time, it can also digitize the status of the car and check whether the car has a fault.

Even if the accessory only can check the pressure of one tire at a time, it does not need to be installed, so it is easy to use.

However, from a functional of view, the device is very similar to TPMS because it can help you check the tire pressure so that it can be kept at an optimal level.

Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge

4 in 1 car vacuum cleaner vacuum, lighting, inflation, tire pressure measurement

The price of these two portable tire monitors will not be high, it can be purchased for about $US10. The steps to use are also very simple. In fact, there are several advantages to installing a tire pressure monitor. It can monitor your tire pressure at any time and feedback the situation in real time without worrying about causing more trouble.

Maintenance Tools, Warning Signs

Obviously, spare tires and maintenance tools are necessary car accessories to deal with sudden failures while driving. Especially for car owners who love self-driving and off-road sport, there will always be a certain space on the car to store these tools.

Equipped with a very exquisite 21-in-1 car repair tool kit, all of which are packed in a compact storage bag, can be easily placed in your car, and with a handle, can be easily transported to the site, only $24. If you only need a simple tool for car, then it only costs $5.


In 2020, there are many best electronics for car to choose, and all these parts complement each other. So,you can incorporate safety, comfort, practicality, entertainment into your driving experience.

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Independent analysts Liao Jierong believed that from the transaction structure of stakeholders, for Adidas and Nike, this kind of "rolling stone" is normal.However, they are faced with the pressure from consumption market. "Particularly for Adidas, which should be the "fuses" of London Olympics as the first class sponsor, but surprisingly,Real Jordans On Sale, the reaction of consumers has been under the bottom, it is difficult to start shooting reckon without one's host."

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Delta and United are replacing and/or upgrading their overhead bins so that they can hold more luggage.  Boeing is designing future jet interiors so that they can hold bulkier luggage,Jordan Shoes 9.
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"It's not therapy per se,Cheap Real Jordans 3,  but a preventive intervention to helppeople put their experiences in perspective," McNally said,  of theBattlemind training.  "For example,Air Jordan Jumpman,  it encourages soldiers to usethe sort of emotional bonding that happens within units toreconnect with their families,Mens Air Jordan Shoes,  and to see symptoms likehyper-vigilance not as symptoms of a mental disorder,  but assomething they need to adjust when they come home.  It helps peoplerealize that those things are part of the normal re-adjustmentprocess." And thus far,  McNally said,  the evidence suggests that the traininghas a positive effect.  The results of random trials show that,  fourmonths after returning home,Kids Air Jordan Shoes,  soldiers who underwent Battlemindtraining showed fewer symptoms of PTSD and depression than did those who underwent the Army's standard postdeploymentprogram.

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