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How to Fix Binoculars Stopped Working [copy link]


The focus is not working. You can move it buy it doesn't adjust the focus.The focus is not working. What should you do if binoculars not working? Hope that the methods in this article can help you how to repair binoculars at home?

The focus is not Working

There is a nut focusing knob on the binoculars, which can drive the screw to adjust the distance between the objective lens and the eyepiece. If the knob is turned and the eyepiece does not move, it indicates a mechanical defect on binoculars.

Howto Focus Binoculars?

1. When using the binoculars,first adjust the distance between the two lens barrels of the binoculars. The method is to hold the lens barrel of the binoculars with both hands and open and close it inwardly or outwardly until the images form a circle.

2. Close your right eye and slowly adjust the focus wheel of the binoculars until the left eye is clear.

3. Close the left eye and adjust the right eyepiece of the binoculars (if the right eyepiece cannot be rotated,there will be a ring under the eyepiece, adjust this ring) until the right eye is clear.

4. When observing targets at different distances, simply rotate the middle focusing wheel.

Howto Fix Double Image in my Binoculars?

The two lenses are not aligned,so when you look at a single object, you will see double vision instead of overlapping objects. Can this be fixed?

We see a double image because the light(images) leaving us are not parallel.

Turn the screw.

Point the binoculars at any point.

Move the screw slowly until the two images coincide.

The Binoculars Lens is Blurred Background:

Use the large screw on the top of the knob to open the focus knob.

After opening the knob, clean the binocular lens and dry it.

Grease the cotton swab and gently rub on the knob.

Tighten the screws again.

You may have to tighten the screws multiple times because they will become matte due to lack of grease.

Howto Use Binoculars Properly?

I bought a new mountaineering binocular, I was looking forward to it, but I didn’t know how to use it. I didn't adjust it so well that the images no overlapping during observation, and there were black shadows in the field of view. So, how to set up binoculars correctly?

Step 1: Rotate or fold the eye mask

No need to fold if you don't wear glasses. This is to keep the eyes and eyepieces at a proper distance. If they are attached too close or too far away, there will be dark shadows in the field of view, and a perfect field of view cannot be obtained.

Step 2: Adjust the interpupillary distance

Adjust the distance between the two lens barrels to the same distance as your eyes, so that the images can be seen to overlap. Everyone's pupil distance is different. For example, the interpupillary distance of children is relatively small, and the interpupillary distance of adults is relatively larger. Twist the distance between the lens barrels on both sides and adjust it to be the same as the pupil distance of the eye, to avoid double vision and observed without shadows.

Step 3: Focus the binoculars

Slowly turn the focus wheel to focus and adjust the sharpness.

Check the level calibration

Relax your eyes.

Look for obvious vertical lines in the structure.

Gently close your eyes once every few seconds to change the angle of view.

When switching views, look for any movement on the vertical line.

When your left eye is open, the image may move slightly to the left, and vice versa. Such slight movements are normal.

The vertical movement in the vertical line calibration adjustment is necessary multiple times.

Check the vertical calibration

Relax your eyes.

Find a clear horizontal line in the structure.

Slowly move your eyes about 4 inches away from the binoculars while continuing to observe the horizontal line.

Look for any unbalanced in the horizontal line of each view.

8 Tips for Using Binoculars:

1. Do not use binoculars to observe the sun directly, as this will cause serious damage to the eyes.

2. Avoid dropping, vibration and impact, so as to avoid the deviation of the optical axis and make the user dizzy.

3. Don't touch the lens with your hands to avoid staining the lens with grease, fingerprints, etc. that affect the image clarity.

4. Do not use binoculars while walking to avoid accidentally stepping on dangerous objects.

5. Do not put the binoculars under the scorching sun or expose it to the sun for a long time to avoid high temperature to accelerate the aging of the rubber.

6. Non-waterproof binoculars need to be kept dry for a long time, which can prevent the lens from growing mildew in a sealed bag.

7. Do not put the telescope in a place where children so as not to fall and damage it

8. Please cover the objective lens and eyepiece cover after using the telescope to prevent dust from falling on the lens.

How to fix binoculars yourself?The repairs we discussed cover most of the problems with binoculars. If you use the binoculars solutions above, you can easily fix binoculars at home. For more styles of binoculars,outdoor and camping equipment for wholesale purchase, please visit GEMWON, the largest online wholesaler in China.

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