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How to Choose the Best Camera Stabilizer for Video [copy link]


Mobile phones are an important equipment for many outdoor videos live streaming and short video shooting for vloggers. Shooting videos with mobile phones and cameras in a moving state will cause screen jitter and instability, and it is difficult for mobile phones to obtain smooth videos. The best stabilizers can help you. How to choose the best camera stabilizers 2020?

Part 1: What handheld smartphone gimbal can do?

I believe that many outdoor travel enthusiasts shoot sports video vlogs. We hope that the video pictures look smooth and have no jitter. The widespread popularity of smart phones has also opened the era of real-time streaming media.

If you want to shoot high-quality videos, the image stability is very important. In addition to simple scene shooting, we can use our hands to keep the lens as stable as possible. Live streaming, video vlog, or time-lapse photography,slow motion, panoramic photography, night scenes, object tracking, overlapping images, push-pull zoom (Hitchcock), etc., are not a single mobile phone that can be played well, which requires the best video stabilizer for smartphone.

Part 2:How to choose the camera stabilizer for Phone?

1. Stability

In recent years, with the replacement of mobile phone stabilizers of various brands, the stability function of the stabilizers on the market is sufficient to meet the daily shooting requirements. The stability is good or poor, from the same price point, the difference is not so obvious. Of course,the well-known brands Zhiyun and DJI may have better user experience in many aspects.

2. Lightweight and Portable

The lighter the body of the mobile phone stabilizer for video recording,the more conducive to long-term shooting. It also has a foldable and retractable storage, which can be directly placed in your pocket or backpack and carried with you. This is the most practical feature for outdoor enthusiasts.

3. Application

The mobile phone stabilizer can withstand multiple mobile phones,according to the weight of the existing mobile phone or the applicable equipment, refer this parameter to select the appropriate stabilizer.

4. Function

No need for levelling function, face recognition tracking shooting,gesture control, etc., all increase the attractiveness of their products to users. In addition to the smart camera stabilization function, the camera stabilizer also has a three-level fill light, Bluetooth camera controller, etc.It can be described as a multi-purpose one, which can meet the shooting needs of most scenes. You can even use it as a selfie stick/tripod with anti-shake function.

5. Simple to Use

The 3-axis stabilizer is more professional and the operation is more complicated. For novices or sport video shooting who are only used for daily steady shooting, a handheld cell phone stabilizer is more suitable. After the mobile phone is installed on the handheld stabilizer, turn on the device to do stable shooting. The operation is very simple.

Part 3: The Best Gimbal Stabilizer for Your iPhone Camera Gopro 2020

1. DJI –Reliability and ease of use

DJI UAVs are well known and are in a leading position in the international market. Because gimbals and drones have many similar characteristics in technology, with the accumulation of technology in the field of drones, DJI has also developed a series of mobile phone gimbals(stabilizers). Currently, Osmo mobile has been launched one generation, second generation, third generation.

In terms of product hardware, DJI products are mature and stable. After the market experience and optimization exploration of the first two generations of products, it has now developed a portable, foldable, and more affordable third-generation mobile phone stabilizer. In terms of product application DJI functions and user experience are also the best compared to other brands. DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is known for its reliability and ease of use.

2. Zhiyun -Strong Function

Zhiyun is a fast-rising company that has occupied many markets for gimbal stabilizers in just a few years, which has largely led to the technological progress and popularization of stabilizers. Zhiyun is very strict in product control, and the stabilizing effect is outstanding among products of the same level. It can respond quickly and switch quickly.

Smooth Q2 is Zhiyun mobile phone stabilizer, and it is the smallest and most portable stabilizer. Although the body is small, the battery has the longest battery life, and the three axes are free. It is a rare mobile phone gimbal with unlimited heading axis. The best mobile phone stabilizer at the same price.

3. 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

The difference between 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for smartphone and other gimbal stabilizer is that it is specially designed for travel.

The gimbal has a base that can accommodate compact cameras, sports cameras and smart phones, which can provide you with beautiful and smooth shots and leave lasting memories for your journey.

The compact design makes this gimbal an easy addition to your camera bag without the need for heavy equipment. Whether you are shooting with GoPro, iPhone, compact camera or even mirrorless camera.

Different shots have different requirements for stabilizers, so on the basis of determining the budget, choose the most suitable smartphone gimbal in this price range.

In the era of sharing life videos, our way of expression is different from the past era of paper media, text, and pictures. Regardless of daily life,parties, travel, outdoor sports, and creation, they will gradually become like to using vlog to share. I believe that a camera stabilizer gimbal is worth.

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