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MacBook Keyboard Replacement Tutorial [copy link]


I spilled chocolate on the keyboard,the problem is that it makes the entire device sticky. Try to clean it up first. The only component provided by Apple is the entire keyboard component. Moreover, the liquid can easily leak through the top case and corrode the parts below. How to replace MacBook keyboard for free?

Using a MacBook may cause you to consider replacing the keyboard due to various of damage. The MacBook keyboard is easily one of the most commonly used components of the device. This is why when the keyboard fails or breaks, it will drop your work efficiency.

Can the keyboard be repaired instead of replaced?

Depending on the keyboard problem you are experiencing, it may need to be repaired instead of replacing the MacBook keyboard. On some MacBook, problems such as sticky keys can be fixed by removing individual keys and cleaning them. However, if the trouble with the keyboard is more complicated, the keyboard may have to be replaced.

Apple official store fees

Without the Apple Care+ warranty, the cost of replacing the MacBook Pro keyboard at the Apple official store would be high. Depending on the model and condition of the Apple MacBook, these repairs will cost you between $600 and $1,300.

MacBook keyboard replacement DIY

If you need to replace the MacBook keyboard, you can complete the replacement yourself. You can buy all the repair tools and new keyboards online at about $40-$50.

How to disassemble the butterfly keyboard keys of MacBook Pro

1. Making Tools

Find the mineral water bottle that you have finished drinking, and use scissors to cut out a shape similar to the sizeof a small fingernail.

2. Understand the keyboard structure and disassembly sequence

Butterfly keyboard, the smallest square button, has 4 concealed buttons, the upper 2 are push buttons, and the lower 2 are push pull buttons.

Using a self-made plastic gadget,insert it into the upper left or upper part of the keyboard, or directly above it, gently slide it left and right, and lift it slightly. Once the upper pressing buckle is opened, there will be a clear sound, that is, the pressing buckle is opened, and the other side of the pressing buckle is opened in the same way.

As long as the upper 2 push-pull buckles are opened, the lower push-pull buckle comes out by lifting it up.

3. After cleaning, install keys

Contrary to dismantling, you need to insert the lower push-pull buckle first, and then press the upper two push-pull buckles one by one, and send out a crisp "click". After installing it back, try to press to see if the sound of the complete keycap is crisp and elastic.

How to clean the removed MacBook keycaps?

The keyboard caps are washed and dried one by one, and then dried, which is very simple.

Use a cotton swab to soak a small amount of clean water with a cotton swab and wipe it slowly and carefully. Do not rush and use force to prevent liquid from overflowing under the keyboard.

How to replace a MacBook keyboard for less than $30?

MacBook keyboard replacement tutorial:

This is a common technical method for replacing many MacBook keyboards. The design of some screws, buckle position and quantity will adjust the details of disassembly and assembly according to different models. You need to observe more carefully.

1. Open the back cover and disconnect the battery connector to prevent the logic board from short-circuiting.

2. Remove all screws and connectors, and remove the logic board from the chassis.

3. Remove the screen assembly from the housing.

4. Remove the I/O board (if any).

5. Remove the cooling fan and speaker.

6. Remove the battery from the case.

7. Remove the touchpad and cable.

8. Pull hard on the edge of the keyboard to break the rivets. Apple uses rivets to connect the keyboard to the top case instead of using screws. This is why we need to remove the screen parts before removing the keyboard.

9. Use special tools to remove all remaining rivets on the top cover.

10. Clean the top cover, and then put on the new keyboard. Fix the keyboard on the shell with small screws.

12. Reassemble all components in reverse order.

13. Power on the MacBook, test each key, and make sure they are all working and responding well.

GEMWON Laptop Store provides competitive MacBook keyboard spare parts, including MacBook keyboard replacement, MacBook Air replacement keyboard, MacBook Pro keyboard. If the battery is okay and only the MacBook keyboard cannot work normally, we recommend that you only buy are placement keyboard. High-quality keyboard spare parts and this MacBook pro keyboard replacement guide, so that you can fix broken keyboard.

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