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The Most Complete Skills for Women Climbs [copy link]


In sports, people usually have a narrow concept that women fitness should be the same as men's sports and try best to show the human body's explosive power, and even to achieve the level of men can be called success. It's not so much sportsmanship, however, but a prejudice against women. Like other sports, mountaineering and bouldering requires not only mastering various skills, but also carrying out strenuous physical training to participate in it. Here are some climbing information for women that should be paid attention to in order to give some help to female climbers.

Part 1: Differences in Body Condition for Female Climbers

What should be paid attention to the difference between a woman's body and a man's in climbing?

Compared to male, female pay more attention to physical beauty, women climb has become fashionable. There is a difference in body size between men and women. The center of gravity for women's body is usually 6 percent lower than men's. As a result, women are more symmetrical than men.

Compared with men, women's body muscles are far less powerful than men's, especially their abdominal, shoulder and leg muscles are much weaker than men's. According to the above characteristics, special attention should be paid to the development of absolute strength and endurance of the body in female rock climbing training.

On the other hand, there are many water and fat in women's bone, and their cervical inter vertebral cartilage is thicker, so the woman has good flexibility and flexibility in mountaineering and bouldering, making women's rhythm and flexibility of the body is better than man, it's for their capabilities in motion at a steady, dexterity, flexibility, etc, have created favorable conditions. In a sense, women are more effective at mastering climbing skills.

In general, today's climbers tend to be between 18 and 23 years old, when physical strength is near its peak, with a slow increase in absolute strength and a gradual increase in the amount and intensity of training. According to women's characteristics, women fitness should avoid training by a single, heavy, repetitive way, which can damage their pelvis. Do not limit the performance of the climbing training, otherwise it will make the ligaments, muscle tension, affect the flexibility of the muscle.

Part 2: Some Tips for Climbing Sport of women

Due to the weakness of girls, they are often powerless to reverse when dangerous situations occur in high places, so they should do their best and take adequate protective measures when climbing. What should they pay attention to in detail?

1.Prepare Professional Climbing Ropes, Accessories and Learn How to Use

A series of professional equipment, such as climbing ropes, climbing gloves, belts and helmets, should be prepared in advance for climbing.

2.Be Sure to Warm up Before Climbing

Because rock climbing is basically vertical, it depends on the strength of the climber's arms and toes to support the weight of the whole body. It needs to overcome the strong falling force of their body. The requirements for physical strength and muscle are quite high.

3. Communicate and Assist with Peers

Don't try the Limits in Dangerous Situations.Climbing is very difficult. Don't try to climb over obstacles that you can't cross.

4. When climbing down, it is a very dangerous time

The climber must determine the safety gear and then slowly descend.After climbing to the top of the mountain, we usually need to go down by the climbing rope. It is important to check again to make sure that the equipment is secure, and then slowly descend after making sure of the surrounding environment.


Nowadays, female climbing has become a trend. Not only men enjoy outdoor sports, but also women. What is pursued in climbing is not so much achievement, but more a kind of self-challenge and the spirit of constantly surpassing with the will power. For women, whose anatomy is different from that of men, choosing the right mountain climbing gear for woman and know which type is more suitable for women climbers become very important.

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Thirdly, the brand will charm if they keep on innovating. Innovation is the eternal development aim in Nike Company. Economic development will make all businesses in the market face the survival of the fittest, it's speed may exceed the expectations of any business. On the basis of the incomplete statistics, every year Nike will introduce new products as many as twelve million species, which sounds amazing. Whether it is the production of professional sports or sports-related introduction of complementary products,Women's Jordan, Nike is becoming better and better.

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At the same time, the company's office facilities and operation capacity could be upgraded and extended. Nike's annual revenue is over 2 million dollars for the first time in the Greater China area in June, 2011. Released in December 20th 2012 in the second quarter fiscal performance report, the Nike Greater China's regional revenue growth rate is 35%. At the very beginning of his construction, its value and importance have show its meaning. The Headquarters shows Shanghai's prominent market advantages and importance for business trading and for the local residences. Tishman Company and Nike Company will establish a cooperation relationship for a long-term growth strategy. As a company,Cheap Original KD Shoes, Tishman is a combination of real estate owners, developers, operators and investment management companies. Nike has signed a long-term lease agreement with U.S. Tishman company on this project.
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Nike Company intends to hold a conference with the investors be present and announce its goals. And it tends to make its goals target at the growth of some of its brands like Nike, Cole Haan, Converse (Converse),Original Lebron Shoes, Hurley (Hurley), Michael Jordan,Air Jordan Shoes For Sale, Nike Golf (NIKE Golf) and Umbro. In this report,Jordan Hydro Slide Sandals, the two goals turned to be the expectations of the growth of Nike's high single-digit revenue and 15% -17% earnings per share, as a matter of fact, these goals were to be realized under the long-term financial model,Jordans For Kids, a model with an expansion and extension of the return on capital.

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Sandals are always dressier than slippers or flip-flops, perhaps by a minor margin. Apart from their obvious advantage of being the perfect choice of summer, Nike sandals have a unique set of other distinct advantages too. With exquisite panel and neat stitch detail, sandals from Nike will serve you quite a few summers. Nike prides itself on developing comfortable products and their sandals are no exception. The textured rubber sole is designed to be soft and offer great grip. The textured footbed is soft and highly comfortable. Nike sandals usually come with an outer material of artificial leather. The closure is normally made of durable Velcro straps,Air Jordan Hydro Slide, which do not wear and tear easily. It is also easy to clean them. These sandals are built to handle pressure and can withstand frequent exposure to dirt, water, and thorough cleaning, more so than most other types of footwear. Nike sandals are relatively lightweight and offer a firm,Womens Air Jordan Shoes, comfortable stride.
It was not the first time for us to hear the news that there will be increase on the price of Nike's products. It has been indicated by MaryRemuzzi in last year's March that in 2012 spring, Nike is going to make an increase on its shoes and clothes products worldwide. Its purpose was to in response to the rising costs in oil,Air Jordan For Kids, cotton and transportation. Reporters have learnt from the apparel industry analyst above that actually in recent two years, the profit margin of Nike has continuously declined for a few quarters compared to other years. There was an unceasing increase on costs of raw material and transportation, its profit growth has experienced lots of pressures.
Something interesting can be found from all wears when you observe their reactions to Nike shoes. According to some people,Kids Air Jordan Shoes, comparing with all other shoes they have, Nike running ones are the most comfortable ones. Other people complain that Nike shoes are a little tight to be wore. The Nike Air Structure Triax Men's shoes can show an actual durability under real road conditions. For large amount of people, these shoes seem to be more like fashionable ones,Nike KD 6 Shoes, rather than running ones. This is interesting. Nike shoes gain more and more favor from people. Maybe this should also be owed to the fashion of Nike shoes.

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China's NIKE National Junior Tennis Ranking Tournament is a part of Nike Junior Tour. The aim of NJT is to provide a global youth player with a usual competitive stage, and backbone of the tennis in future. From 1997 year the development of NJT events is about sixteen years in thirty countries and has certain impact. Since the introduction of the tournament in 2004, under the strong support of the Chinese Tennis Association, it plays a driving role for back-up personnel training of junior tennis. Nike uses the advantages of resources to invite famous tennis coaches celebrity to open training hall during the event, in order to offer on site guidance for young athletes and coaches will do participating, training and actively teach advanced tennis philosophy and techniques.
This multi-purpose shoe designed partly by the American football and baseball superstar Bo Jackson, who also wear his shoes in the court, was widely welcomed by other fields athletes who wear them. Nike Air Trainer was famous in the last eighty century and began to be used in various projects. The design team led by Tinker Hatfield- Nike footwear design master, adopted the design idea of Bo Jackson,Jordan Shoes 7, thus show up the Nike Air Trainer. Mentioned in the review interview, Bo Jackson said: "We need to launch a pair of shoes,Midnight Air Jordans, which can represent multiple sport athletes in the field of training shoes. You can wear it to participate in baseball training, you can also wear it to participate in football training, basketball training, tennis training. On the Nike Air Trainer folder, Tinker had once mentioned the basically design concept of Nike Trainer 1.
Nike Free series are divided into different levels because of our feet's different states. If you want to feel barefoot running,Nike KD 6 Shoes, you should choose 0.0. If you want a pair of standard running shoes,Men Nike Shox, you can buy Nike Zoom Vomero. In this year, our company produced three series for all runners. The insoles of these running shoes are all improved and the shoes become more pretty and good-looking. Moreover, the new seamless design provides a feeling of comfort and fitness. Among these new Nike Free series, Nike Free Run +3 and Nike Free 3.0 V4 will appear on the market in April 2012. At the same time,Jordan Shoes For Kids, in June we can find Nike Free 4.0 in the market.

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