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The Most Complete Skills for Women Climbs [copy link]


In sports, people usually have a narrow concept that women fitness should be the same as men's sports and try best to show the human body's explosive power, and even to achieve the level of men can be called success. It's not so much sportsmanship, however, but a prejudice against women. Like other sports, mountaineering and bouldering requires not only mastering various skills, but also carrying out strenuous physical training to participate in it. Here are some climbing information for women that should be paid attention to in order to give some help to female climbers.

Part 1: Differences in Body Condition for Female Climbers

What should be paid attention to the difference between a woman's body and a man's in climbing?

Compared to male, female pay more attention to physical beauty, women climb has become fashionable. There is a difference in body size between men and women. The center of gravity for women's body is usually 6 percent lower than men's. As a result, women are more symmetrical than men.

Compared with men, women's body muscles are far less powerful than men's, especially their abdominal, shoulder and leg muscles are much weaker than men's. According to the above characteristics, special attention should be paid to the development of absolute strength and endurance of the body in female rock climbing training.

On the other hand, there are many water and fat in women's bone, and their cervical inter vertebral cartilage is thicker, so the woman has good flexibility and flexibility in mountaineering and bouldering, making women's rhythm and flexibility of the body is better than man, it's for their capabilities in motion at a steady, dexterity, flexibility, etc, have created favorable conditions. In a sense, women are more effective at mastering climbing skills.

In general, today's climbers tend to be between 18 and 23 years old, when physical strength is near its peak, with a slow increase in absolute strength and a gradual increase in the amount and intensity of training. According to women's characteristics, women fitness should avoid training by a single, heavy, repetitive way, which can damage their pelvis. Do not limit the performance of the climbing training, otherwise it will make the ligaments, muscle tension, affect the flexibility of the muscle.

Part 2: Some Tips for Climbing Sport of women

Due to the weakness of girls, they are often powerless to reverse when dangerous situations occur in high places, so they should do their best and take adequate protective measures when climbing. What should they pay attention to in detail?

1.Prepare Professional Climbing Ropes, Accessories and Learn How to Use

A series of professional equipment, such as climbing ropes, climbing gloves, belts and helmets, should be prepared in advance for climbing.

2.Be Sure to Warm up Before Climbing

Because rock climbing is basically vertical, it depends on the strength of the climber's arms and toes to support the weight of the whole body. It needs to overcome the strong falling force of their body. The requirements for physical strength and muscle are quite high.

3. Communicate and Assist with Peers

Don't try the Limits in Dangerous Situations.Climbing is very difficult. Don't try to climb over obstacles that you can't cross.

4. When climbing down, it is a very dangerous time

The climber must determine the safety gear and then slowly descend.After climbing to the top of the mountain, we usually need to go down by the climbing rope. It is important to check again to make sure that the equipment is secure, and then slowly descend after making sure of the surrounding environment.


Nowadays, female climbing has become a trend. Not only men enjoy outdoor sports, but also women. What is pursued in climbing is not so much achievement, but more a kind of self-challenge and the spirit of constantly surpassing with the will power. For women, whose anatomy is different from that of men, choosing the right mountain climbing gear for woman and know which type is more suitable for women climbers become very important.

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