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The Necessary Rock Climbing Guide [copy link]


Recently, outdoor sports have become a hot topic in the world. Nowadays, the quality of life is more and more valued by mountain climbers. Although there are no strict professional requirements for this sport, there are still some dangers we should take care. Now, we are going to look through some rock climbing guides to see what we need to pay attention to

Part 1: Equipment Required for Climbing


A climbing harness can spread the impact of a fall over your waist and legs, avoiding all the damage done to your waist. Seat belts can be divided into seat belts, chest belts and body belts. When purchasing seat belts, suitable should be put on the first. Most adult climbers use seat belts, but the climbing for kids are different, their hips are not fully developed, so they must use full body belts. Therefore, it is important for climbers to choose a belt that fits them.


“8” and ATC types are still one of the most widely used climbing equipment currently used by climbers. These two types of climbing equipment are based on the principle of friction which are easy to use.


It is used for self-protection during climbing, rest or other operations.


Climbing ropes have variety of sizes, lengths and features, but all are made of nylon. The ropes for climbing must have the series of the manufacturing label, UIAA or CEN, as well as its length, diameter, ductility, falling series, etc. It is a remote connection between climber and protector, so the choice of a goodclimbing rope is extremely important.


It is a kind of special shoes with high friction. Choosing the right climbing shoes can save a lot of energy when climbing.


Climbing need powerful arm strength, rock climbing wall is usually very rough, especially outdoor rock climbing, natural rock climbing wall is sharp, direct contact with the wall is easy to cut hands, therefore, it is easy to know the importance of climbing gloves.


The rock climbing accident is terrible, a small piece of falling rock that hits the head can be deadly, so a helmet is a must for climbing.

Part 2: Classification of Climbing

Climbing can have many types,climbers can choose different climbing methods according to their own conditions. The process is different and the experience is quite different, that's one of the reasons rock climbing is so popular around the world. It can be divided into 3 methods:

1.Top rope

Mainly for practice. Top rope climbing is a style in climbing in which the climber is securely attached to a rope which then passes up, through an anchor system at the top of the climb, and down to a belayer at the foot of the climb. The belayer takes in slack rope throughout the climb, so that if at any point the climber were to lose their hold, they would not fall more than a short distance.

2.Lead Climbing

Require the climber to find the right route and keep climbing. AS lead climbing does not require a pre-placed anchor at the top of the route, it is not restricted as top roping. Also, because a lead climber does not have an anchor point above them while climbing, only the limbs and body of the climber are used to effect upward progress. Carabiners are only placed to catch the climber in the event of a fall.

3. Bouldering

Rock climbing difficulty is really great for someone, bouldering is one of that. Refers to all rock climbing activities that allow falls. Bouldering is a form of rock climbing that is performed on small rock formations or artificial rock walls, known as boulders, without the use of ropes or harnesses. Bouldering originally was a method of training for roped climbs and mountaineering, so climbers could practice specific moves at a safe distance from the ground. Additionally, the sport served to build stamina and increase finger strength.


Rock climbing has become more and more diversified in recent years. Outdoor climbing evolved into indoor rock climbing. Sport climbing has grown especially fast. Most mountaineers prefer it can give their arms a good workout. Its own fun and competitive appeal as well as its diversity makes it unprofessional. As a result, even people who don't know anything about rock climbing may be able to compete with professionals with their own willpower and superhuman energy.

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