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The Best Climbing Gear Reviews in 2018 [copy link]


It's a tough climb, and it's hard to get to the top without the right equipment. Today we're going to review some of the climbing gear that will help you choose the right gear.

When climbing, you should take into account various conditions and prepare various equipment in advance, such as climbing equipment, camping gear, tree climbing tool, hiking equipment, etc.

Part 1: Don't Forget the Gear Below

Let's look at the climbing gear. It includes climbing shoes, gloves, safety hooks, safety belts, safety helmets, climbing pants, and risers.


Mountaineering shoes

mountaineering shoes should be of good quality and wear-resistant, and should not be fitted with loose shoes. Breathable, waterproof and insulated shoes are very important.


Gloves and mittens should be worn, preferably with a replacement pair.

A helmet

a helmet ACTS as a protection against small stones falling off and damaging your head during climbing.

Mountaineering pants

Mountaineering pants should be comfortable, breathable and waterproof with no jeans or cotton trousers.

What’s more, some camping equipment is also necessary, preferably with sleeping bags, insulated sheets and tents.

  • To buy good quality sleeping bags and can be adapted to at least 5 degrees below zero temperature.

  • Insulation sheets as light as possible, can protect the isolation low temperature of the ground.

  • If you need to cook, bring a pot, furnace head or reactor.

Part 2:You Will Need the Gear for Hiking

In addition, we need to consider hiking, in hiking, we need equipment including backpack, water bottle, climbing cane, first aid kit, headlamp and so on.

My advice for choosing a backpack is that do not look at the brand, only look at comfort and personal financial capacity. By capacity, two days or more of camping through the activity, female backpack suggested 50L-65L, male 60L-80L;

Moreover, you’d better choose a 1.5-liter bottle that both strong enough and not too heavy, and keep your body hydrated to avoid dehydration.

Besides, what is the use of a climbing stick? It plays a very important role in hiking. It can support you when you are out of balance and help you keep balance during the journey and avoid falling.

Other tools: first aid kit, sunscreen, waterproof watch, map, telephone, thermal blanket, scarf, socks, candy bar and dried fruit, whistle, etc.

Part 3: How to Choose Mountaineering Gear

Mountaineering is an excellent outdoor sport. When mountaineering, we need to choose proper mountaineering equipment, to protect our health and safety better. When choosing climbing tools, we should follow the following principles:

1. Need principles

Take need as the first principle, restrain oneself to buy desire and impulsion. Pack as light as possible, simple travel, the need for the goods listed, marked out the level and functions of the purchase, not to see what to buy, but did not use.

2. Practical principles

Nowadays, there are many outdoor brands. We should give priority to choosing suitable and practical ones instead of blindly pursuing brands. For those beginners, if they just climb some ordinary mountains under 4000 meters, the ordinary domestic gear will be enough to cope with.

3. Cost-performance principle

In fact, the quality difference between foreign famous brands and domestic brands is not as big as their price difference, and some brands are priced very high, cost-effective. If you must buy name brands, it is best to buy them when they are on sale or on sale.

4. The principle of gradual progress

Mountaineering must go through a process from beginner to advanced. Not everyone can climb over 8000m. Therefore, the outfit requirements are different in different stages. We should follow the principle of gradual progress. In the initial stage, we only need to buy some basic equipment, and when climbing some high-altitude and difficult snow mountains, we need to buy some sophisticated equipment.

5.Do according to your ability

Each person's economic foundation is different, buy what brand of equipment still depends on oneself economic strength, act according to one's ability. Some people can easily climb mountains under 4000 meters with military glue and plastic bags.

Some recommendation for Novice climbers

As a new rock climbing donkey, I usually take part in the activities to go to the rock climbing museum with my friends, and learn some basic climbing skills with the help of my coach.

If you are a novice climber, it is best to train in a professional gym and follow the guide safely, because this will ensure your safety, as well as quickly master the climbing skills and methods. Generally, rock-climbing gyms are equipped with professional climbing gear and professional technical guidance personnel. They should do a good job in safety protection. We should try our best to wear loose clothes.


As a mountaineer,it is very important to select suitable gear of climbing, so it is very necessary to prepare in advance and purchase needed tools. Only when we prepare for a rainy day can we be prepared.

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