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How to Maintain for Climbing Protection Equipment [copy link]


Due to the requirements of professionalism and safety, climbing supplies are mostly expensive. Many materials used in the production are not commonly used, many people are ignorant about the maintenance of maintaining climbing gear. There is a wrong idea that it is easy to damage the mountaineering products if wash it frequently, so some people from buy to scrap did not wash it ever, but this is a great mistake. For such devices, the accumulation of dirt is the source of accelerated aging. Therefore, cleaning after each use is the correct maintenance method.

Part 1:  Mountaineering Equipment List Map and compass needle

It is extremely easy for people to get lost in the field, especially when the weather conditions are poor, our sense of direction will be worse. Once lost, it is very dangerous, so the map and the compass needle are indispensable.


Camping is sometimes delayed by bad weather, path collapse, injury or disorientation. It's hard to keep going without the lighting. Headlamps do not need to be held. They can free your hands to do other things, it is very necessary for outdoor activities.

1.The best use of waterproof products, not only in any weather can be used, even if stored in a moist place for a long time, the interface and battery are not easy to corrode

2.Having a safety switch design is necessary, some headlamp switch design is not appropriate, when it is placed in the backpack, often due to items shake collision, the switch is switched on suddenly, then your battery is wasted

First aid kit

The outdoor environment is complex, emergency kits in the event of danger can be emergency treatment, life security is an important support. The contents of the first aid kit are mainly trauma, scald, insect bite, fever reduction and antipyretic, cramp prevention and treatment, and personal special needs medicine.

The knife

Knives are necessary for food, fire, first aid and even rock climbing, so everyone should carry a knife with them. A knife is a very useful basic tool and we can often use it to make other tools or solve problems.

The fire tools

It's not realistic to carry a stove for outdoor activities. Tinder is necessary. Lighters should be taken with a few more and must be waterproof.

A raincoat

Using an umbrella is unrealistic, dangerous and useless in the face of storms in mountaineering. Raincoats are often more practical for outdoor activities


A tent is a haven for outdoor rest. A good tent is often the most important part of outdoor camping.

There are other important things like water bottles, sunglasses, sunscreens, etc. The mountains are usually dry, and it's important to drink water to save our physical strengths

Part 2:Caring For Your Climbing Gear


As a small outdoor home, it is very important to keep your climbing equipment clean. Please pay attention to its washing and protecting:

1.Clean the tent with clean water, scrub it with a soft brush or sponge, and use special cleaning agent. Common cleaning agent is easy to damage the fabric of the tent

2.Leave aside in a cool, dry place to air dry after rinsing

3. After air drying, if the connection is not tight, brush with a layer of glue to keep it waterproof

Down jackets and sleeping bags

Down jackets and sleeping bags are important equipment for outdoor sleep and keeping warm. Besides, down feather outdoor products are difficult to handle.

1. Do not machine wash. If you want machine wash, you must use the light rubbing mode of hot washing machine

2.Wash with professional down cleaner

3.Air dry naturally and avoid direct sunlight

Outdoor shoes

As the shoe that contacts the ground most directly, it is very important to its maintenance, especially the outdoor shoe that synthetic material combines waterproof membrane, fine dust enters waterproof membrane may cause the film to fail, the service life of synthetic material also can attenuate because of dirt. In order to extend the life of the shoes, timely care is necessary.

The guide to climbing shoes includes three parts: cleaning, nursing and drying storage:

1.Clean the ramp with clean water first, and then pour the appropriate concentration of cleaning agent into the shoe for lavatory, and then clean the shoe thoroughly with clean water

2. After the shoes are fully air dried, select the nursing agent for application according to the material of the shoes' surface. The leather material needs to be waxed or water-based nursing agent should be selected for nursing. If the use of water based care agent in the shoes when half dry on a better effect

3. Place on a cool and dry place for air drying after good care


Due to special materials, mountaineering equipment needs to be maintained frequently. Maintain climbing gear well is not only reflected in cleaning, but also in storage. Through this article you can get the proper method for caring your climbing gear.

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