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How to Use Alpenstock Walking Stick [copy link]

There are various types of walking sticks, and the difference of various walking sticks price on the market is mainly based on different materials. The performance of trekking pole of different materials is also greatly different.

Part 1: The Classification of the Climbing Sticks

Materials of Walking Stick Include:·

  • Carbon fiber

Light, the material is more flexible and tough, high strength, corrosion resistance and high price.
It means the alpenstock walking stick in outdoors.

  • Titanium alloy

Light, good elastic material and good strength, corrosion resistance, high price.

  • Aluminum alloy

Durable, low cost, heavier than carbon fiber climbing sticks, easy to corrode. It is always the best budget trekking pole, and the best hiking sticks reviewed of 2018 still this kind of sticks.

  • Wooden

More for a kinds of countryside feelings, heavier and easier to breakdown.

Part 2: The Role of the Hiking Sticks

Whether you're walking on level ground or climbing steep mountain roads, a hiking stick:

Can help increase your average speed.

Can reduces the impact on your legs, knees, ankles, and feet, especially if you're going downhill.

Can helps you ward off insects in the grass and even protects you against wild animals.

Can increases your grip on complex road conditions.

Can help you keep your balance in some difficult terrain.

Can be used as a brace for external tents to reduce the load.

Can be used as a probe to find puddles, quicksand, etc.

Part 3: How to use Hiking Sticks Correctly

  • Flat or Gentle Ascent

take the same rhythm as usual. Take the climbing stick forward with the right arm on the left foot, but do not push the top of the stick ahead of the body.

  • Steep Slope

Take usual walk, but the arm forward to put the location of the sticks in the front of the body, use sticks to support the body and relieve pressure in the legs. When necessary can do it at the same time using two sticks to climb movement, pushing up the body, the palm of your hand can be placed in the top of the sticks to strengthen push force.

  • Downhill

Due to the impact of the slope is bigger, it is time to use sticks to reducing load of the legs. So the location of the sticks must be put in the front of the body, and must be better than your front foot first to share the effect of power, so the body will lean forward. This action is not our natural movement of downhill, so you need to practice, to feel how far should I put sticks at the same time, in order to achieve the result that reduce pressure on the legs.


If used properly, the climbing stick will greatly save your physical strength. Hiking is very tired, having a versatile climbing stick will make your journey better. What suits you is the best, I hope you can find the best walking sticks.

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