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The Top Best Sport Events for Autumn [copy link]


Summer is too hot and winter is too cold. Autumn between the two extreme seasons, with the fallen leaves and bare trunks, feel cool. Autumn is a season with multiple diseases. Therefore, autumn sports and activities in outdoor can increase your body's immunity.

Top 10 Action Sports for Autumn

1. Mountaineering

In the fall, the weather began to cool down. Mountain climbing at this time, not only can avoid the roasting of the summer sun, but also can breathe the fresh air of the mountain during the mountain boarding process, which makes people feel relaxed and happy.

Although climbing is a way of slimming and decompression, you should also pay attention to some details when climbing, to ensure safety during the climbing process. Before climbing a mountain, you must first choose a pair of comfortable climbing shoes, and it is best to wear a sportswear,which can reduce the chance of accidents. In addition, it is best not to climbing in the cooler morning or in the evening, when it is easy to be dangerous. Of course,you need to prepare enough water in the water bottle before mountaineering to ensure that you can replenish your body in time.


Autumn cycling is a combination of recreational sports event. After a week of busy work, you can also ride a bicycle to the suburbs to relax your mood and relieve your stress.

First, find the bicycle that suits you, and the related bicycle riding equipment, such as helmets, leggings, bicycle front lights, bicycle taillights, especially at night, bicycle lights can effectively avoid danger.


Running is the best aerobic exercise in the fall,running can also stimulate metabolism, increase energy consumption, help to lose weight and bodybuilding. Moreover, jogging can also help improving blood circulation, heart function, and reducing brain arteriosclerosis, made the brain work normally. Before running, remind to prepare the right sports equipment. For example, wearing a loose and comfortable sportswear. If you go in the sun day, don’t forget to apply sunscreen and take a hat before exercise.If you are nearsighted, you’d better bring sports glasses. Finally, remember choosing a lightweight, breathable and soft sneaker.

4. Fast Walking

Autumn, the weather is cool, the air is fresh, it is an excellent time to go, not only can breathe good air, but also can achieve the effect of slimming, you can bring a stylish magic headscarf when you go, it will add a different charm for you.
t is best to carry a towel for wiping sweat and take a sports arm bag. For the elderly and those with lower limbs, you can use walking sticks when walking to reduce joint pressure in the lower limbs, reduce joint wear and avoid injury to the knee joint.

5.Playing Badminton

Badminton is a sport that many people like. The weather in autumn is suitable, it is not too cold or too hot, it is verysuitable for badminton season, called a few friends to play together,
that feels great.

Playing badminton can be used as an effective means for adolescents to promote growth and development and improve physical function. When you are playing the badminton, you’d better wear a wristband and pads, because they can protect your wrists and ankles. The amount of exercise should be medium intensity, and the sport activity time should be 40~50 minutes.

6.Skipping Rope

Skipping is a popular fitness exercise for autumn and winter. One of the common sports can be done anytime and anywhere. What’s more,it is easy to learn and save time and money, almost everyone will jump rope.

Speaking of the benefits of skipping, skipping rope exercise is good for the body and mind. Continue to skip the rope for 10 minutes, equal to 30 minutes for jogging or 20 minutes for fitness dance. It can be described as a time-consuming and energy-intensive strength training. Skipping can promote blood circulation and make the muscle lines of the arms and legs tighter. It is recommended to take about half an hour for each skipping time.


In the UK, it's amazing that you need a license to park your boat in many waterways in the UK, but you get a free UK canoe membership, which can also help you with the local Club contact to get you started. A second-hand kayak can be purchased for £100, and at this time of the year it is a paradise along the canal of the willow tree or along the bottom of the Welsh valley.

8.Sand yachting

If the water in the fall looks cold, or if you just like a sport that won't get wet, try a beach yacht, also known as a land yacht and a land yacht. Fans say that one of the reasons why it is so good is that you need to play with far fewer things than real ships. Second-hand crafts are available for just £200. A new top model is easily 20 times.


One suitable activity for adults and children. This is a popular pastime in the open village fields of Black heath in London, once the autumn wind blows. Is this exercise? The number of kits available indicates this, and trying to wrestle a large wind-blown sail for a few hours will make you exercise.

The British Kite Flying Association has information about clubs across the UK, but it is worth reading the rules of kite flying before you start. Do you know that you can't fly a kite more than 200 feet at night unless it has lights?


Dancing is a fashionable way to exercise and make your body flexible. It’s suitable for white-collar workers who often sit in the office. There are many kinds of dances, which can be chosen according to your personality and hobbies. People of different ages can choose different dances,such as young people can choose Latin dance and ballet, middle-aged people are very suitable for square dance.

In addition, playing Tai Chi, practicing yoga, playing table tennis, etc. are also consort for autumn sports.

Autumn is neither too cold nor too hot. It is a season that is very suitable for doing autumn sports and activities. When you go out in fall, you will find a different view. But pay attention to prevent colds, make appropriate preparations before autumn outdoor sports. Go out, go to do some sports, choose your best autumn sports and pursue a healthy life.

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