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The Best Screwdriver Set to Repair a Laptop [copy link]


If you want to repair your laptop or mobile phone, the following laptop repair tools will be very useful. This article will introduce you some professional laptop repair tools. The choice the best screwdriver set for computers does not only depend on the price, high-quality tools will make your repair easier.

What are the tools for repairing laptops?

Multimeters- Electrical Testers

Universal instrument, it can test many things, such as voltage and current. We can use a multimeters to test,according to the value to determine whether some of the current components are working properly.


Repair tools can be used when repairing many things. When repairing a laptop, you must open the back cover of the laptop. At this time, you must use a screwdriver of the corresponding model to do that.


Tweezers are also a must-have tool for repairing laptop computers. Its main function is to grip components.You can choose tweezers with anti-static function for greater safety.


For this tool, the main function is the zoom fine parts. You can use a magnifying glass to observe and solder some chips and circuits that are not clear during the repair of the laptop.

In the specific process of repairing laptop computers, there are many repair tools that may be used, and for different brands of laptop computers, different tools may use.

How to Buy the Best Computer Tool Kit 2020?


There are two types of screwdriver that we often use when repairing laptops: 4mm (1/8) and 6.35mm(1/4), and 4mm precision bit is generally used for dismantling digital products.

According to the head type, the head can be divided into a slot, Philips, star, Torx, square head, Triangle head,etc., to correspond to different screws. The specifications are generally expressed by letters and numbers, there are PH000, PH00, PH0, PH1, PH2, thestar head generally has T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, etc., the smaller the number, the smaller the size.


Screwdrivers generally use three alloys of 45#, CR-V and S2.

CR-V is chromium-vanadium steel,CR is chromium, V is vanadium, chromium-vanadium steel is an alloy tool steel and the hardness after heat treatment is above HRC60.

S2 is an impact-resistant alloy tool steel added with carbon-silicon-manganese, phosphorus-sulfur-chromium,nickel-copper-aluminium, and vanadium alloy elements. The hardness after heat treatment is HRC58-62.

45# is also carbon steel, with a carbon content of 0.42-0.50%, it is cheap. It can get better cutting performance, and can obtain comprehensive mechanical properties such as higher strength and toughness. After quenching, the surface hardness can reach 45~-52HRC.

S2 is its impact resistance,strong torque, high hardness, and low stress, which is very suitable as a tool steel.

Non-slip and Magnetic

The top of the screwdriver also has a magnetic attraction, and the removed screw can be temporarily adsorbed onit to prevent the screw from being dropped to the ground and lost when it is removed.

The handle is made of aluminium alloy, and a rubber anti-skid handle is designed in the middle section, which can effectively enhance the friction in use.

The 47-in-1 Screwdriver Bit Set has a depressible structure at the top. Open the switch to pop up a storage compartment, each screwdriver is attached to the kit box, which is convenient for the user to take out and more convenient to carry. The carefully designed magnetic drill bit can perfectly cooperate with the computer and mobile phone repair. Anti-static tweezers are sturdy and sharp, so it is easier to touch those hard-to-reach internal parts. Overall, this is a perfect computer repair kit.

For more laptop repair kit and pc network maintenance toolkit, your best choice is GEMWON professional laptop accessories wholesale mall. The most complete tools and affordable prices under $10 you can find there.

Tips for using the precision screwdriver set

If the handle is damaged, do not use it, as it may slip and hurt yourself.

Store the screwdriver in a cool, dry place to avoid damage.

You can also oil the metal parts to keep them in good condition.


How to choose best computer toolkit 2020 should be based on demand. This is not to say that the more accessories and it will be better. There are many screwdrivers with specifications that we don't need to use. The second is to choose S2 as much as possible. Of course, CRV has certain advantages in terms of price. For the design of the handle, choose the one with anti-skid design as much as possible.

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