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How to Fix Samsung Tablet Screen Typing on its Own [copy link]


It is annoying that when a part of your Samsung tab screen is unresponsive to your touch or android tablet clicking by itself. Here are a few solutions to solve the problem Samsung tablet typing on its own.

How to Fix Ghost Touch on Tablet?

1. Wipe the Screen

Find a soft cotton cloth and let it dry, then wipe the screen.

Clean up the screen foreign objects and static electricity can also be excluded.

For example, sweat and oil can cause the screen to not respond to your touch. The screen of the tablet is likely to accumulate static electricity and cause the Samsung tablet typing problems.

2. Remove the Screen Protector

Remove the protector from the screen. (Because the protector has been used for too long, the screen typing problems caused by inferior film)

Poor quality screen protective film is also likely to cause Samsung tablet touch screen touch by itself.

Replace the screen protector and clean it.

3. Use the Original Charger

For a new charger, it is best to use the original charger. Due to the unstable current caused using uncertified adapter, the android tablet clicking by itself.

Unplug your adapter from the power source to stop charging and then check whether ghost touch on android.

4. Cooling Samsung Tablet

The Android device is very hot,reaching a temperature of about 40 degrees, which may cause the tablet capacitive screen ghost touch. For a long time at this temperature, the capacitive screen will be damaged.

Tablet are prone to abnormal touch at particularly high or low temperatures. So, don't use your device in this situation.

It is recommended that if the screen feels hot when charging, please stop using the device while charging so that it is only charging.

5. Reset the Power

Operating system error of the Samsung may cause the automatic touch problems on Samsung tablet.

Use the reset power to reset the machine. The reset operation is in the turn on state, long press the power button about 10s and the screen will be blacked. Restart the device after a few minutes and the reset operation is complete.

The touch screen may not work properly after restarting. In this case, try to boot into recovery mode to resolve this issue.

6. Restore Factory Settings

1) Long press the power button to turn off the tablet power;

2) Press and hold the "Volume Up","Home", and "Power" buttons simultaneously;

3) Release the button after the Android icon appears on the screen;

4) Use the volume button to select "Erase Data/Restore Factory Settings" and press the power button to confirm. Select "Yes - Delete all user data" and confirm, then use the volume button to select the "Restart system now".

Restoring factory settings will lose all data on your tablet, including photos, information, installed apps,contacts and more. Therefore, please be careful to back up your files before using this method.

7. Tablet Screen Ghost Touch after water damage

In other cases, Samsung tablet touch screen unresponsive after water damage.

However, there is no clear waysto fix this issue, so if you out of warranty, you will have to consider repair touch screen yourself.

It is recommended to disassemble the Samsung tablet, disconnect the screen from the digital connector and reinstall the damaged parts to solve the touch issue.

You can purchase the tablet screen you need at GEMWON. If you have purchased a repair screen from us but can't solve your problem, please feel free to contact us. We will help you to solve the problem.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Digitizer Screen Replacement

1. Before disassembly the device,make sure the device is turned off.

At the top of the memory card slot, use an opening tool to separate the back cover and equipment.

2. Remove the back cover by sliding the intermediate metal spudger around the perimeter of the device from the top of the memory card slot.

3. Use a spudger to disconnect the touch screen from the motherboard.

4. Use a spudger to separate the touch screen from the front cover of the device.

5. Once the touch screen is loose enough, slowly pull it off the front cover and remove it from the device. Avoid pulling the touch screen too quickly, which can damage the touch screen connector on the back of the device.

This is to replace the damaged touch screen to solve the problem of touch screen is clicking by itself, with Samsung Galaxy Tab A an example, other Samsung is similar, I hope to help you.

The Bottom Line:

If "my tablet screen is detecting touch by itself" after trying the above method, the touch screen may be damaged. You can take it to your local or online repair store or contact after-sales service for assistance.

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