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How to Fix Forgot My Apple ID Password iPhone [copy link]


Every Apple user has an Apple ID to download the application in the Apple store, which is convenient for Apple users to manage their contacts, videos, photos, etc. in the iCloud. If the iPhone is lost, you can log in to the official website with the ID and password, locate the phone, retrieve the information in the phone, and possibly find the phone. But what to do if I forgot my apple id password and email?

1. "Find My iPhone" set password

go to Settings > iCloud. Scroll to the bottom and tap Find My iPhone. If you are logged in, log out, enter your apple id, and click "Forgot iPhone ID or Password." Enter the phone lock screen password, you can enter the new ID password. This sets a new password for the Apple ID.

2. Verify mobile phone to change ID password

Go to Settings > [your name] >Password & Security. Click "Change Password", Enter a trusted phone number, a phone number where you want to receive verification codes for two-factor authentication. And you can set a new ID password.

3. Change Apple ID password on support website

If the mobile phone you are using is not an Apple ID verification phone, you can log in to Apple's support website to log in to the ID page, click "Forgot Apple ID or password", and then follow the on-screen instructions to set a new ID password through the bound mailbox.

4. What to do if you forgot apple id password and email

4.1 Find Apple ID in iTunes

If you have previously purchased an item in the iTunes, you can open iTunes and find your purchase in the library.

Open iTunes,

Tap on an item you purchased. You can find your purchases under "My Music" or "Playlists",

Choose File> Show Info,

Click on the "Files" tab,

The "Purchaser" shows the Apple ID used to purchase the item in parentheses.

4.2 You may have signed in to your Apple ID on one of your devices. View your Apple ID for:

View from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch: Tap Settings> iTunes Store and App Store

-Tap "Settings" "iCloud"

-Tap "Settings" "Messages" "Send & Receive"

-Tap "Settings" "FaceTime"

-Apply "Settings" "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"

4.3 Get Apple ID from Mac or PC

-Select Apple menu> "System Preferences"> "iCloud",

-Open Mail and select"Mail"> "Preferences"> "Account",

-Open Calendar and select"Calendar"> "Preferences"> "Account",

-Open FaceTime and select"FaceTime" "Preferences" "Settings",

-Open Messages and select"Messages" "Preferences" "Accounts".

5. I forgot my apple id password and email

Click here to go to be Apple ID account page, click on the "Forgot Apple ID or password", then click [Find] Apple ID, enter your attempt to retrieve account information.

In the Apple ID account page, click on the "Forgot Apple ID or password."

Find Apple support page, entry Apple ID, and then point back "your Apple ID", then "Go to my Apple ID",

After entering the page, point to retrieve "your Apple ID",

Fill in last name, first name, email address, then the next step, if you replace the e-mail address before, now cannot remember what email address is used, you can also fill in the previous e-mail address, the system will help search Apple ID,

Select the email to verify or answer full security question,

First try to verify the e-mail,

E-mailbox will receive a verification e-mail, open the message, click Reset immediately,

Then enter the new password to complete the password reset.

Tip: If you change the Apple ID information, we recommend that you update your Apple ID on all Apple applications and services "Settings".

Reset Apple ID Security Questions:

After recovering the Apple ID password, if you want to reset the security question, you can modify it on the Apple support page (this operation needs to know at least the answer to a previously set question).

1. You can click "Forgot Apple ID or password" on the Apple ID account page, enter your Apple ID account,click Continue and select "Reset Security Questions."

2. Then enter your Apple ID password as prompted, and then click Continue. You will be asked to answer a previously set question.

3. After answering, you can reset the security question.

4. After you recover your Apple ID account and password, or change your security question, please remember this information.

The above methods about how do I reset apple id password on iPhone cannot help you, you can contact the Apple Store near you. In many cases they may help you regain access. Or if you have more troubleshooting on the iPhone, please leave a message in the comments. We are is a professional mobile phone spare parts wholesale mall. GEMWON has been providing you with mobile phone repair solutions and iPhone Touch Screen, Touch Glass, Flex Cable and Middle Frame.

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