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The World Through the Eyes of Children [copy link]


The eyes are the first window for children to learn the world.

Communicate the things of interest in the child's brain through the camera,

As if the camera is "the heart of the child"! The photo is"children's personality"!

Parents are no longer taking single teaching, but two-way communication.

Take a picture of the world they know!

Kids are Interest in Everything

We should prevent always give them ideas, something like "that is cute"only from our views.

Maintain a high degree of curiosity throughout childhood.

It will reflect on their learning in the future. Such as spontaneity and self-exploration will be greatly enhanced.

Since we want to understand the world in the eyes of child.

It is important on camera choosing.

There are Several Tips on Kids Camera Choosing

1. Solid and waterproof function

As everyone knows, when children are happy, they will bounce and then the camera is thrown away. Another reason is children didn't hold it well, let the camera fall to the floor.

Waterproof function not just using on going to the beach, but also prevent juice and other liquid spills because of inattention in daily life.

2. Easy to operate

Simple operation is the main function we should focus on. Avoid choosing too many buttons and complicated operations on the child camera design.

3. Pixel

For now, pixels are not the big problem of choosing a camera. most of the camera is able to provide enough resolution.  

But still, we can Depend on child ages to choose. If two to three years old,800,000 pixels are enough, the older child will need higher resolution.

4. Strongly prevent shaking

With kids running around and just getting used to handling a camera, shake reduction is a great feature to keep in mind when shopping for a new camera. Anti-shake DSP feature is also important too. You won't want the photos that your child take is blur.

5. Easy to hold

Camera size shouldn't too large or heavy. Once children can't easily hold it.

You will notice is hard for them to take a photo.

The position of the shutter should also be checked, and it needs to be in a position where the child can easily press it.

In addition, the lens position is designed in the middle position, which can prevent the hand from blocking the lens!

The tips I shared are here, I hope to help you choose the right child camera for your child.

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