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How to Mirror Phone Screen to TV Screen [copy link]


Smartphone is already a part of our daily life. Whenever we use mobile phones to play games or watch videos, wealways feel that the phone screen is too small and I can't share the screen to my friends. So, how can I cast my android screen to my tv?

How to mirror iPhone screen to TV?

Step 1: Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone screen to open the "Control centre" and click "Airplay Mirroring".

Step 2: Click on the TV name that appears (the iPhone and TV need to be on the same network), and then you can see iPhone screen on tv.

Connect phone screen to tv with adapter cable

The simple way is using a video adapter cable. This method is suitable for most smartphones with almost no delay. The disadvantage is that you have to buy a data cable/converter, and you need to pay attention to whether the port of the display device is HDMI or VGA.

Android cast screen to tv without Chrome cast

1. Ensure your TV and phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Take Samsung Q6F as an example, find "Wireless Display" in "More Connection Methods".

3. Turn on "Wireless Display".

4. The model information of the TV appears, click Connect.

How to project your phone screen to a windows pc?

In order to mirror the mobile phone screen to the computer, we need to use the Mira cast projection that comes with win 10 to achieve this.

1. Connect to the network,connect the Android phone and the computer to the wireless network. Pay attention to connect the two devices to the same WIFI network.

2. Computer settings. After connecting to the network, we turn on the computer and click to enter[Settings]-[System]- [Project to this computer] and select the option [Available everywhere on secure networks]. At this time, the computer settings have been set. Finished, the next step is to set up the Android phone.

3. Android phone settings, open the Android phone [Settings]- [Other wireless display]- [Wireless display], turn on the wireless display switch, after opening it will display the available devices, we choose to connect your computer.

Screen mirroring software for android to pc—Apower Mirror

Apower Mirror is a screen mirroring software that supports Android & iOS devices, and is also compatible with Windows and Mac.

This software supports USB and WIFI screen projection. You can project the media picture played in the phone to the computer's screen wirelessly, while supporting screen recording and screenshot. The picture quality is clear and without transmission delay.

How to setup Apower Mirror - iPhone/Android to PC casting

1. Go to the website to download Apower Mirror to your computer, and also download the application in the app store on your phone.

2. Open the software on your phone and computer after downloading. Connect your phone and computer with a USB cable and turn on USB debugging. Click "Start Now" in the pop-up message, and your phone screen will be projected to your computer.

3. After the connection is successful, you can use your computer screen to enjoy mobile phone video and games.

You can project up to three devices.

iPhone does not need a usb cable.Open the control centre, select Airplay Mirroring, and select Apower Mirror computer. Make sure your phone and computer are connected to the same wireless network.

Some recommendations are to buy a Chromecast ($ 35) to cast your Android or iOS phone screen to a TV. These methods need to purchase projection accessories. So, the above screen mirror android phone to tv for free may be your first choice.

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