Dash Cam is a tool that records information such as images and sounds while driving. If you have any questions about the driving recorder, you can refer to this guide. Some of them are very common problems and dash cam recording problems.

1. The Dash Cam Recorder Not Turning on

First remove the SD card or TF card, press the power button to confirm whether it can be turned on.

If it still does not turn on, please turn to the side of the DVR, find the "RESTE" hole, press the reset hole with a pin, and then try to restart it.

If the dash cam recorder can start normally, it means that the card is the problem. Next, please format or replace the memory card.

Format the card and insert it.

2. How to Fix Dash Cam Freeze or Stuck?

1) Check whether the power cord is normal, check whether the charging indicator light of the car is working.

2) Check whether the power-on button is pressed and effective. When the power button of a general car driving recorder is pressed, its work indicator light will turn on.

3) Reset the machine after pulling out the card, press the power button to see if it is turned on.

4) If you can't solve the problem, please contact a professional auto repair shop to check.

3. Dash cam stops recording suddenly

1) Check whether the on-board driving recorder is equipped with a video circulation system.

2) Check the recording format of the dash cam, set the recording video format to save space as much as possible.

3) Please use high-speed TF card compatible with SDHC, high-speed TF card will have C4 or C6, C10 mark.

4) Use dash cam recorder with automatic loop recording function.

4. How do I fix a distorted video on driving camera recording?

1) When the recorder is shooting, the surroundings is particularly dark or very bright. This high-contrast scene easily affects the auto-exposure function of the camera, resulting in distortion of the picture taken by the recorder. In this case, the owner can adjust photosensitive sensitivity, exposure compensation function.

2) If the dash cam is found to be disturbed by horizontal line, the wrong light source frequency may be set. You can adjust the white balance to solve this situation.

3) If the video of recording is very hazy, or if it is blurry. Don't worry, it may be that the lens of the recorder is not clean enough. Wipe the lens of the recorder regularly.

5. File or Memory Card Error when playing videos or dash cam is working

The memory card cannot completely save the captured video and cause file loss. The screen will prompt a "file error".

The easiest way is to “Restore Factory Settings”, which can be found in the settings menu. You need to “format” the memory card after reset.

Please use a PC to format, and then"format" again in the recorder or replace a higher rate memory card.

6. After using the charging slot, dash cam can't work

Please choose the correct car charger for charging, 5V slot should use 5V car charger. If the car charger buck module is damaged, the output voltage will be too high, which will cause the recorder to be unstable or burn the power module IC of the recorder.

7. Dash Cam for car missing frame and seconds

Motion detection: within the shooting range of the recorder, if there is an object displacement, the recorder will save the video. The purpose of this function is to save storage space, but because many people do not understand motion detection, causing this phenomenon.

Check if motion detection is off.

Check the memory card: As a high-speed reading and writing card, you need a high-speed memory card.

8. How to fix image is opposite on driving video recorder

Twist the camera 180 degrees.

Turn the display 180 degrees.


1. The camera is installed incorrectly(just upside down), just switch it around.

2. The lens is broken, just replace it with a new Lens.

3. You can adjust the display, set the horizontal flip function, and set it return the normal image.

4. If you are using in dash navigation,you need to confirm whether the screen has mirror adjustment settings.

Check whether the front-view camera is installed at the rear of the vehicle. The front-view camera and the rear-view camera are different. The biggest difference between the front-view car camera and the rear-view is the image mirroring problem. There is a setting"reversing image function", it needs to be turned off.

9. Does the Dash Cam need to upgrade?

After you buy a driving video recorder and there is corresponding upgrade software on the official website, should the driving video recorder be upgraded?

If there is no problem with the product, it is not recommended to upgrade.

Generally, only need to update the firmware when the unresolvable faults in the driving video recorder.
If there is an accident in upgrading the firmware, it will cause the DVR to crash and fail to boot, so it has certain risks.

10. Driving Video Recorder Loop Recording Dash Cam

1. Check the power socket protector.

2. Test the power supply with a voltmeter.

3. Try to use other car charger or USB cable.

Upgrade the firmware on the DVR.

If there is a problem with the driving video recorder during use, you can check the settings in the menu to see if it is caused by certain functions being turned on.

If you still can't solve the problem,you can check whether the storage card you use is above C6. If the menu settings are correct and there is no problem with the memory card. Then you need to find a staff who can be repaired.

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The dash cam video recorder is very popular, and it is inevitable that some difficult problems will be encountered in the road. If you have any questions about how to fix a car dash cam, you can refer to this guide.

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