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How to Rotate Webcam in Windows 10 [copy link]


The camera is inverted and it makes me look weird. How do I fix it? Have you ever encountered a situation where the laptop camera of the windows 10 is upside down? How do I rotate the camera on my laptop? This article provides you with solutions to the problem of inverted camera in windows.

If you encounter the problem of builtin laptop camera is showing your image upside down, please refer to the troubleshooting steps below.

Need to test whether the laptop program software conflicts, you should

1) Remove or disable any 3rd party webcam utilities.

2) If the problem persists after above, look into the settings for your camera to see if there is an inversion or image flipping option. For Windows users, this is usually located in the Control Panel.

3) If neither of the above options helps resolve the issue, then you probably need to reinstall the drivers.

Reinstall the Camera Driver

1. Right-click on the start menu and select [Device Manager].

2. In [Device Manager], expand [Image Devices], and the words [USB2.0 Camera] will be displayed below. (Note: The names of the cameras in different notebook models may be similar.)Right-click the device name, and select "Properties" in the menu that appears.

3. Switch to [Detailed Information],modify the device description in the attribute drop-down menu to hardware PID below, and then write down the PID number in the value below.

4. Open the browser and enter to open the laptop driver download webpage, such as

Search by notebook model, select the 64-bit or 32-bit system that needs to install the driver, and then download the camera driver by referring to the PID number noted before.

5. Unzip the driver, switch to the device manager, right-click on the camera, and select [Browser computer to find driver software].

6. Click to select from the computer device driver list.

7. Click [Install from Disk].

8. Click the browser to assign to the previously unzipped camera driver, click to open.

After the installation is complete, if there is an incompatible prompt pop up, just click to continue the installation.

Windows Update

After checking many user reports, it is clear that the camera problem is related to incompatible programs.

To solution this driver incompatibility:

In the Windows Update tab, click "Check for Updates" and then follow the on-screen prompts to install updates.

Install each non-optional driver and restart the computer when prompted. Every time you start, be sure to return to the Windows Update screen to check if there are any pending updates. Once all update is the latest, open the camera and check if the inverted camera on laptop has been corrected.

Roll Back Your Camera Driver

In the Device Manager, right-click your camera and select "Properties."

Select the Driver tab, select Rollback driver, and then select Yes. (Please note that some drivers do not provide rollback options.)

After the rollback is complete,restart your PC and try to open the Camera application again.

If the rollback does not work or is not available, uninstall the camera driver and scan for hardware changes.

How do I Fix the Upside Down Camera after Windows 10 Update?

Restore System

If you have created a recovery point or an automatic system recovery point, try to restore the system to the most recent recovery point. If the problem persists after completing all troubleshooting steps, please back up your personal files and reset the system.

Please refer to this article: How to Fix Windows Preparing Automatic Repair Loop

the fourth step is to reset your computer.

How to Fix the Upside-down Skype Camera on Windows?

Click settings in the Skype options(or other applications that use the webcam).

Go to tool options and select the video settings.

Click "Webcam Settings"(probably in the "Advanced").

Select or deselect "Image Mirror", if the Mirror Horizontal and Mirror Vertical options are ticked, uncheck them.

How to Rotate Your Camera on Zoom?

1 Log in to the Zoom application.

2 In the upper right corner of the"Zoom" window, then click the gear icon to open "Settings"

3 Click the "Video" tab in the left column of the settings window.

4 Hover your mouse over the preview of the camera.

5 Click the "Rotate 90°"button in the upper right corner of the preview until the camera is rotated to the correct angle.

Use Third-Party Application

If the above methods cannot fix your laptop camera upside down, you can also use a third-party solution.

This may not be the ideal method. The good news is that there is a free third-party software (ManyCam) that allows you to reverse the built-in camera.

The following is a quick guide to install and use ManyCam:

  • Visit this link (here) and download the free application of ManyCam.
  • Open the installer, and then follow the instructions on the screen to install the software on your computer.
  • After installing the software, open ManyCam and be patient when the software is initialized.
  • After turning on the third-party camera, use the vertical bar at the far end of the screen to access the camera settings.
  • Go to the Flip and Rotate section, and then use the buttons below to adjust the camera orientation.

If your Lenovo laptop camera upside down windows 10, you can also see options for camera settings in Lenovo settings.

Replace the Laptop Built-in Camera

The laptop webcam is a separate module, which is generally connected to the motherboard through a USB interface, which is relatively convenient to change. To replace the built-in camera of the laptop, check the pin number of the camera module and the host interface. There is a difference between the small interface 5 PIN/6 PIN/8 PIN and the regular interface 5 PIN/6 PIN/8 PIN. After confirmation, you should purchase a camera module with the same interface.

For More Laptop Spare Part

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It should be noted that due to its small size, it is troublesome to replace the built-in camera of the laptop. It is recommended that you can use an external USB webcam, which can be used by plugging in the USB port of the computer.


The above is about how to rotate camera on laptop? If the built-in camera of the laptop is damaged, then it is recommended that you take the above suggestions to buy a IP camera.

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