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How to Sanitize Your Phone during COVID-19 [copy link]


Mobile phones are always covered by bacteria and viruses including COVID-19. Since the mobile phone is used in various environments every day and the surface are contaminated with a large number of bacteria, this article will show you the best ways to clean and disinfect your phone.

Why are there microorganisms on mobile phones and tablets?

When we use mobile phones and tablets, sweat, bacteria, dander, grease, etc. on our fingers touch mobile phone screens, body parts, etc., forming an invisible layer of dirt with many bacteria. These The dirt environment is very suitable for the growth of bacteria. The bacteria in the air also take the opportunity to attach to the mobile phone, resulting in more and more bacteria on the mobile phone. The germs on the mobile phone will spread through the fingers and the screen and enter the human body.

What should I use to clean my phone during COVID-19?

30 to 60 minutes of ultraviolet light.

75% ethanol (alcohol), peracetic acid, disinfectants, etc.

1. Disinfectants

The best recommendation is to use a damp, lint-free cloth. This cloth can be used to clean glasses, add some soap or disinfect alcohol and wipe the phone and its case.

Spray alcohol on a tampon or a clean soft cloth, and wipe the screen, sides, back, buttons, interfaces, etc.thoroughly. Leave the phone for 5 minutes to wait for the alcohol to evaporate.Clean the phone 2-3 times a day.


Use only soft, lint-free cloth.

Avoid excessive wiping.

Unplug all power, equipment and cables.

Prevent moisture from entering any openings.

Avoid sprays, bleach and abrasives.

Avoid spraying cleaner directly on the device.

2. UV disinfection lamp

If you don't like the smell of alcohol, UV disinfection lamp is probably the most convenient way to clean and disinfect your phone. Ultraviolet light can easily remove 99.9% of bacteria,viruses or other microorganisms in 15-30 minutes. (Please note that you need to flip the phone in time to get complete lighting. And avoid ultraviolet rays on the skin, especially not to expose your eyes to ultraviolet rays)

3. Mobile phone sterilization box

The mobile phone sterilization box can sterilize and power your mobile phone. The sterilizer uses bacteria to cover ultraviolet light to target those hard-to-reach areas, eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

This simple and fast mobile phone disinfection box mainly kills bacteria through ultraviolet disinfection technology. It uses a simple structure and intelligent design. UV-C ultraviolet light or short-wave ultraviolet radiation can be used to kill bacteria, viruses and other pollutants on the surface of air, liquids or another microorganism.

Just buy a mobile phone sterilization box suitable for your mobile phone. Many people may worry that this way of disinfecting the phone may damage the phone. The mobile phone sterilizer will not damage the mobile phone, just irradiate ultraviolet light for sterilization, and for safety reasons, the design of the box only starts to work when the sterilization machine cover is closed.

How often should you clean your phone?

If you just stay at home for along time and do not have the risk of going out to get the virus, then you don't have to keep focusing on disinfection.

It's a good idea to clean your phone regularly. As far as the frequency of cell phone disinfection is concerned, this varies with your habits.

If you are diligent in washing your hands, you need to reduce the frequency of screen cleaning, perhaps once or twice a day.

If you place your phone in a place where it may be contaminated, then I would recommend that sanitize your smartphone often.

Try to avoid going out during COVID-19. When you have to go out, touch the phone as little as possible,because your hand will inevitably touch the handrails, elevator buttons, curtains, shopping carts and other public areas. If you use a mobile phone outside, in addition to washing your hands at home, you must also clean and disinfect the phone.


The above describes how to disinfect a phone. To prevent coronavirus, not only to wash your hands frequently, but also to clean the virus that may exist on the surface of the phone, so as to reduce the contact with bacterial viruses more effectively.More Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Please refer to:

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