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How to Enter Windows 10 Safe Mode [copy link]


1. What is safe mode used for?

Safe mode is a diagnostic boot mode in the Windows operating system that provides limited access to Windows when the computer can't boot normally.

Then, normal mode is the opposite of safe mode because it starts Windows in a typical way.

Why you need safe mode windows 10?

For example, if you upgrade a graphics card driver with a bug or install a new version of anti-virus software, the system will not boot properly. This kind of will affect the normal operation of windows, but it is not Windows problem, then we can use the safe mode to fix your PC.

When Windows is running in safe mode,the system will only load the most basic services and drivers that will boot the system. In safe mode, Windows does not load drivers for audio and other non-essential device.

2. How to boot in safe mode

How to start in safe mode windows 7:

Start the computer and press F8 immediately after the hardware self-test. There are several advanced startup options listed here. In general, we choose to enter the normal security mode.In addition, you can enter the "safe mode" to start the system by holding down the "Ctrl" key while the computer is starting up.

Boot windows 8 and 10 into safe mode:

Please hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard. After pressing this button, click or tap the Power key and then click Restart in the Start menu.

1) Choose "troubleshooting".

2) Go to "Advanced Options."

3) On the Advanced Options screen,select "Startup Settings". Depending on your Windows 10 computer, you may not see this option first. If you don't, click the "more recovery options".

Finally, click on the "Startup Settings" option.

You can restart your PC to change advanced startup options, including boot into safe mode.

After Windows 10 restarts, you can choose which safe mode options you want to use.

3 types of safe mode:

Standard safe mode - press the 4 or F4 key on your keyboard to enter

Safe mode with networking - press 5 or F5

Safe mode with command prompt - press 6 or F6

Standard safe mode:

Enter safe mode and you don't want toaccess the Internet or your local network.

Safe mode with networking:

The reason for choosing a secure mode with a network connection is when you really need to access the network or the internet.

When the Windows WIFI connection is not available and you suspect that you need to access the Internet to download the driver or test, choose this safe mode when you follow the troubleshooting guide.

Safe mode with command prompt:

The security mode with the command prompt is the same as the standard security mode, but the command prompt is loaded as the default user interface instead of the resource manager.

If you have tried Safe Mode but the Start menu or the desktop does not load properly, you can choose the Safe Mode with a command prompt.

How to start laptop in safe mode for all windows user:

If your computer is running, click "Start / Run" - enter "msconfig", then select "General" in the window that opens, and then check the "Diagnostic startup - Load basic device drivers and services only" item.

Go to the boot option and check"safe boot".

Finally, click "Use / OK"and restart, the system will automatically enter "Safe Mode".

How to get out of safe mode windows:

This method is different from other methods. Other methods just need to restart the computer to exit safe mode directly.If you use this method and need to exit safe mode, please follow these steps:

Press the "Windows" logo key + "R".

Type "msconfig" in the Open box and press enter.

Select the Boot tab.

Under Boot options, uncheck Safe boot.

3. What does safe mode do on windows 10

3.1 Delete occupied files

When you delete some files in Windows normal mode or eliminate the recycle bin, the system can remind "
FILEIS BEING USED BY ANOTHER", so we can delete it in safe mode. Because in safe mode, Windows may release the management of these files.

3.2 Restore system in safe mode

If your laptop won't boot and you can try to enter safe mode, then you can restore the system in safe mode.

After entering the safe mode, click choose All Programs → Accessories → System Tools → System Restore.Select the "Restore my computer to an earlier time" option, click the"Next" button, and click on the date displayed in bold on the calendar to select the system restore point for system restore.

3.3 Killing virus in safe mode

Start safe mode, Windows system will only load the necessary drivers, so that it can clear some viruses that cannot be detected when the system is running normally.

3.4 Unlocking Group Policy in Safe Mode

In fact, the group policy restriction in Win is done by loading the specific registry keys value, and this restriction is not loaded in safe mode.

Note: Many of the restrictions on Group Policy are still valid in Safe Mode. If you encounter a limit that cannot be lifted, discard this method.

3.5 Auto bug repair

If Windows is not stable or may not start properly. Try to enter safe mode and then restart your computer. This method is very effective if it is a system problem caused by a problem with the registry.

3.6 Uninstalling the software

If the system can’t start properly after installing some software or some settings have been changed, you can uninstall the software in safe mode.

If some settings are changed, such as the display rate setting, resulting in a laptop black screen on desktop, it can be repaired after entering the safe mode.

3.7 Network Status Repair

If the computer has some unknown errors, such as unable to connect to the network. It can be activated to a safe mode with network. If the safe mode can connect to the network, then the self-starting program or driver affects the network and finds possible programs to uninstall it.

3.8 incompatible hardware

If XP cannot recognize the hardware in normal mode, you can press F8 at startup and then enter safe mode to detect new hardware in safe mode.

3.9 Correct display resolution

Normally, when you set the display resolution that is too high and the monitor cannot display, you only need to wait for 30 seconds to return to the previous display resolution automatically,but sometimes the function may not work for various reasons.

In safe mode, the system will display a desktop with a resolution of 640 × 480. At this time, we will set the correct display resolution in the display properties and restart the system to normal mode.


Windows safe mode troubleshooting is to troubleshoot problems and fixes when there is a problem with the operating system. The mission principle of the safe mode is to start the computer without loading the third-party device driver sequence, so that everyone can easily detect and repair the computer system error. More laptop troubleshooting please refer to GEMWON Blog.

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