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What's Difference Between Touch Screen and Display in Mobile [copy link]


I’m going to buy a new screen for my iPhone 7 Plus,but on the iFixit Store has two screens and I don’t know the differences.

So, you should want to know about the components of the phone screen, the screen assembly, LCD Screen and Digitizer.

As you know, your iPod, iPhone and tablet have three important components: a glass screen, a digitizer (Also known as touch screen) and an LCD display. What's the difference between phone touch screen and lcd?

Display and Touch Screen Difference

1: glass panel - top layer

2: Digitizer (also known as touchscreen) - under the glass panel and merged with it

3: LCD Screen - located below the digitizer

Glass screen - The outermost layer is glass panel, usually less than 1 mm thick. The cracked glass looks like an elaborate spider web.

Digitizer - Also known as a touch screen is a layer above the LCD that respond the user's touch.

LCD screen- LCD screen is an acronym for LCD. The LCD is a visual component under the glass that is used to display an image on the screen.

Difference Between Broken Screen and Broken LCD

Repair Glass Panel - If you break the front screen, but the screen on the device are still running, you can see the cracked lines of the screen, then you only need to make a front screen fix.

LCD screen repair - If your mobile phone is not lit and is not image there, you will need to replace/repair the LCD screen. Other signs include black or blurred spots, and you can still use the touch screen, but the screen is colored or the screen has black/dark areas.

When both the LCD and the touch screen are damaged, you can still use some parts of the touch screen, and some parts of the LCD may display images.

How to Choose a Phone Cracked Screen?

The screen assembly acts as a part or repair kit. Includes (except on-screen) pre-installed speaker, stand,front camera/flex cable assembly and LCD back panel, which means that the only part you need to move from the old screen is the Home button. This will simplify a lot of your screen repair work.

If you purchase the LCD or Digitizer,in addition to the Home button, you will need to remove the speakers, brackets,front camera/flex cable assembly and LCD back plane from the old screen and install them on the new screen.

The easiest way to repair the screen is to buy the "screen assembly", which means that your tear down,screen replacement and assembly process may take only about 10 minutes, so you don't have to disassemble the speaker, camera and other widgets.

The most cost-effective way to repair your phone screen is to buy and replace broken parts yourself. Maybe you are more inclined to eBay or Amazon to buy a mobile phone screen assembly, but I have a better suggestion.

GEMWON is a professional mobile phone repair parts wholesaler, you can buy a replacement screen for your phone model at a very low price, including touch screen, LCD screen and screen assembly.For example, you can see many new Samsung screen assemblies for less than $20 and iPhone screen assemblies for as little as $10.


The above is about the difference of each part of the screen in mobile.
Accurately determine which parts need to be replaced to buy the screen components for yourmobile phone that fits your budget. I hope you can fix your iPhone screen with the least price.

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