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How to Fix DELL Touchpad not Working Windows 10 [copy link]


I have the Dell Latitude D630. My touchpad had been working without any problem but it stopped working this afternoon. I think i have clicked on some wrong button by mistake. So, I want to ask that how can I get my touchpad back to work?

This article helps you solve the problem that the DELL touchpad not working properly by the simplest six steps. You don't have to try everything, just go to your problem.

Part 1: Why is my dell touchpad not working?

What are the main reasons for the touchpad is not working on laptop?

1.It may be that the touchpad driver has been damaged or the user has uninstall edit.

2.The notebook touchpad is turned off. Some notebooks can be turned off by settings, so if you turn off the touchpad accidentally, it will naturally cause the touchpad to no response.

3.Software program errors in the computer, may be caused by anti-virus software.

4.The notebook touchpad has failed (such as water damaged, foreign objects inside, etc.).

Part 2: How to fix touchpad not working on dell laptop?

1. Restart your computer

If this touchpad stops working during use, first try restarting the laptop,because some programs run incorrectly, causing memory running errors and temporary touchpad error. So, the first attempt is to test the touchpad again after restarting the laptop.

2. Check if the dell touchpad is locked

If you press the touchpad switch button accidentally, the notebook touchpad may be turned off, so resulting in the dell laptop touchpad is unavailable. You can try to open the touchpad by pressing the Fn+F5 key. (Note: Different brand notebooks may use other function key combinations, you can seethe corresponding instructions on the key.)

3. Check if the touchpad driver is working

Sometimes, dell touchpad not working after upgrading, then you may need to reinstall the touchpad driver.

You can find the corresponding touchpad driver to download and install according to the laptop model in the dell support website.

After installing the driver, you need to check the touchpad settings of the dell touchpad driver in the control panel.

1) In the "Control Panel" that opens, find the "Hardware and Sound" option.

2) Find the "Mouse" option in "Hardware and Sound"that opens.

3) In the mouse properties window, click on the "Dell Touchpad" option, then the touchpad icon in the window will appear "DELL pointing devices”.

4) Then "DELL pointing devices" window opens "touchpad on/off"

5) Finally click on "Save".

4. Check if the touchpad driver is disable

After updating the driver, you can find the touchpad in the device manager and check if the touchpad driver is turned on.

1) Find "Device Manager" in the main window of the control panel. If the word is not found, you will need to select "small icon"in the view mode in the upper right corner.

2) Locate the mouse and other pointing devices in the pop-up "Device Manager" where you can see the words "Dell Touchpad". If it is disabled, there will be a downward black arrow on the drive icon, right click on it and select "enable device".

5. Try power resetting

Performing a hard reset usually solves many problems and frees up any residual power on the dell parts. If some parts of your Dell PC are not responding, including problems with the dell touchpad stops working sometimes,

try to following:

1) Turn off your Dell PC.

2) Disconnect the AC adapter or power cord and remove the battery (Dell laptop).

3) Disconnect all external devices or peripheral devices, such as USB drives, printer cables, and media cards (SD/xD).

4) Press and hold the power button for 15-20 seconds to release the remaining charge.

If the laptop has a built-in battery, you can find a reset hole on the back of the laptop. After removing the external device, you need to take a pin and press the hole to complete the power reset.

5) Connect the AC adapter and battery (Dell laptop).

6) Start the laptop and test touchpad.

it's may a ribbon loose try take off the keyboard to see where the ribbon is and follow it to both ends if still attached may have to reinstall touchpad.

Obviously, a poor connection flex ribbon or a broken touchpad cable can make the dell touchpad unresponsive. Then you will most likely need to buy a replacement touchpad. GEMWON will provide dell repair parts at wholesale price, which will be the best choice for repairing notebooks.

This article is about the solution that the dell touchpad keeps getting disabled. The above 6 steps will help you solve it. If you have more questions, please feel free to visit the GEMWON blog or leave a message below this post.

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