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How to Fix External Monitor Freezes on Laptop [copy link]


when I connect my AOC F22 external monitor via HDMI to my HP Spectre, the computer nearly freezes and the monitor doesn't come on.

There is a problem that second monitor frozen on extended display, how to fix it?

Part 1: How to fix the external monitor keeps freezing on hp laptop

1. Update video card driver

External screen freeze after Windows 10 projection may be caused by graphics drivers. So, to fix it, you can try to update the intel and Nvidia drivers.

1) In "Device Manager", click the arrow next to "Display Adapter" to expand the category.

2) Right-click on Graphics and select "Update Driver" (if there are multiple graphics adapters executing one by one).

3) Select the option to "search automatically for updated driver software".

4) Notebook should find and automatically install and updated video drivers.

5) After the installation is complete,restart Notebook.

6) If it is an HP notebook, you can download it to the graphics card driver on the hp support website and install it.

Update the bios firmware, download the latest version of the bios from the laptop manufacturer support website, and follow the instructions to install. Ensure all drivers are up to date.

If your laptop is ASUS, Acer, Toshiba and other brands of computers, it is a similar operation to fix videos freezing on second monitor.

2. Clear the temporary files

If Windows doesn't have enough space to store temporary files, it may run slowly and even freeze screen. So, you should clean them regularly.

1) On the keyboard, press the Windows and R keys simultaneously, then type "temp" in the Run window and press Enter.This will call Windows Explorer, open the Temp folder and display all the temporary files on your computer.

2) Select all the files in the Temp folder and delete them.

If screen freezing after connecting external monitor via HDMI after clearing the temporary files, try the next steps.

3. Increasing virtual memory in windows 10

When the external display is used, it may Occupy a lot of computer resources. If the memory space is insufficient, it will present a problem with the second screen being stuck after mirroring.

Virtual memory is basically an extension of computer physical memory. It is a combination of RAM and a part of the hard drive. If your computer runs out of RAM while performing intensive tasks, Windows will enter virtual memory for temporary file storage.

How to increasing virtual memory in windows:

1) Right-click on the "this pc" and select "Properties". In the left panel, select "Advanced System Settings".

2) Go to the "Advanced" tab and click "Settings" below "Performance".

3) Go to the "Advanced" tab again and select "Change"... in the Virtual Memory section.

4) Make sure the "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives" check box is unchecked.

5) Choose your Windows drive.

"Initial Size" - This value is varying to your settings. If you are not sure which value to use, just enter the number in the recommended category and enter "Maximum size".

6) After entering the virtual memory value, click "Set" and then click "OK" to save.

Part 2: Why second screen freezes when connecting laptop

1. Display refresh rate

Obviously, the external projector does not affect the running of the computer. The accepted explanation is that if the refresh rate of the projector is very low, in fact, when we move the mouse cursor, the mouse is always moving, but the projector is not refreshed, so the mouse is stuck.

The image is stuck when the external display refresh rate is not the same as laptop screen.


Turn the computer's refresh rate to a minimum(60 Hz), but this may not completely solve this problem.

How to adjust refresh rate in Windows 10:

1) Open Settings.

2) Click on "System"— "Display".

3) Click the "Advanced display settings".

4) Click the "Display adapter properties for Display 1" ...

5) Click the "Monitor" tab.

6) Under "screen refresh rate" menu to select the refresh rate you wish and click "OK".

2. Laptop stuck on second screen only

Since video can be played on a laptop,it is certain that there is a problem in the process of signal transmission or output.


The projector may have a problem with the video converter cable or the port connecting. Check whether the laptop and projector have a broken pin on VGA/HDMI.

3. Second screen is freezing when wireless mirroring

1. Check the speed of network. The network connection will affect the playback of the video.

2. Change to a video to determine if there is a problem with the movie media.

3. WIFI is unstable. Check the display wireless connection settings.

If you encounter a problem that laptop freezes when connected to external monitor, you can refer our previous article about How to Fix Frozen Laptop Screens.

The above is about the second screen freezes windows 10 on HP laptop. Of course, the problems you encountered in the actual may not be mentioned in this article, then welcome your leave a message below, we will help you repair the laptop.

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