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How to Fix HP Chromebook Keys not Working [copy link]


Some of my chromebook C202 keyboard keys won't work after I press them. For example,the back space, h key and esc and others. How to fix stuck keys on Chromebook HP?

Part 1: How to Fix hp Chromebook keys don't work

1. HP Chromebook number keys not working

If the hp Chromebook numeric keyboard not working, it is very likely that you pressed the Numlock button accidentally and closed the keypad. Check indicator on the keyboard whether is lit or you try to press Numlock multiple times and check if the number keys is working.

Because of the limited space of the 14-inch or smaller laptop keyboard, the function of the numeric keypad is combined in the letter key when keyboard designing. Currently, press the fn+Numlk key to switch the letter/numeric input.

2. Half of HP chromebook keyboard not working

HP Chromebook's keys intermittently not working(y, m, h, etc) does not respond is generally due to a problem with the internal circuit board of the computer keyboard. The internal circuit board of the keyboard or the conductive plastic is not clean for a long time, so that the circuit cannot be connected, which may cause some keys not working on laptop hp.

Here are some specific steps to clean the laptop keyboard:

1. You remove the broken keycaps (keys on the keyboard).

2. Use the nails to buckle the edges, slowly buckle up.

3. After the removing, look at the inside of the silicone bracket whether there is broken, take a small screwdriver to try to fix.

Laptop keyboard keys not working after spill Cola, this method is used to remove sticky keys from the keyboard and remove sticky residue. Make sure the keys are detachable and can be easily install before open the keyboard. Clean the keys and keyboard connector with isopropyl alcohol, and re-connected that connector and it worked.

3. Reinstall the driver to fix hp Chromebook keys don't work

If the keyboard driver is not compatible and chromebook keyboard doesn't work, we need to reinstall the keyboard driver.

Update the keyboard drivers in windows 10:

1) On the desktop, right click "this pc" - "manage"

2) Find keyboard options

3) Right click the driver and click on the "update driver"

4) You can also choose to"uninstall driver", which will be automatically reinstalled after the computer is restarted

5) After completing all the steps of the Hardware Update Wizard. Restart the computer.

The most common fault of keyboard is above. Keyboard circuit board, motherboard, and CPU failure may cause hp Chromebook keys not responding, but these reasons are not common.

Part 2: How to use the keyboard when the parts of the keyboard does not work

1. Using the virtual keyboard input, enter the cursor search box into "on screen keyboard". Click the on-screen keyboard to open the virtual keyboard.

You can click the keys above to input. If you don't need a on screen keyboard, you can close it. Click the"X" in the upper right corner to close the soft keyboard and then open it when you want to use it again.

2. The keyboard keys are connected to the motherboard by two ribbon cables. Both cables are folded into a "Z" bracket. You can try to fix the keyboard problem by squeezing the cable slightly.

If you can remove the keyboard,open the keyboard and wipe the contacts of the LVDS cable with an eraser...Reinsert and try again.

If you have tried it and laptop keys not working properly, and the internal circuit path of the keyboard may malfunction.

If your laptop is still with warranty, please send it for repair or consider replacing the laptop keyboard.I think this is a better solution.

You can try to purchase replacement parts at Amazon, eBay, GEMWON, etc. It is best choice to replace broken laptop keyboard yourself. You don't have to bother to find a repair shop near you and you can buy a cheap laptop replacement keyboard yourself.

Part 3: HP Chromebook 11 G4 Keyboard Replacement

1. Place your closed Chromebook with the back facing up.

2. Pry open the rubber pads to reveal the screws under each corner pad.

3. Remove the 6 mm Phillips screws, a total of 11 screws.

4. Open your Chromebook.

5. Insert the flat end of the spudger between the bottom of the Chromebook and the keyboard.

Slide the spudger along the gap and apply pressure down to separate the two components.

6. Lift the bottom of the keyboard to expose the internal components of the hp Chromebook.

7. Use the tip of the spudger to flip the black tabs on the two ZIF connectors on the motherboard.

Gently slide the keyboard cable out of the motherboard and disconnect.

8. Remove the keyboard from the base of the notebook and remove it.

9. Replace the original laptop keyboard purchased from GEMWON and install the components in reverse order.


Check the steps to remove/replace the keyboard/top cover.

You will see the part number of the replacement part. Find the part number that fits your model.

Use the model NO. online search in the search box of GEMWON Mall to find the best replacement parts for your laptop. If you have any questions about replacing the HP keyboard, you can refer to this article or contact us. This article introduced solutions for keys not working on hp Chromebook. Friends with similar problems can refer to it and hope to help everyone.

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