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The Best Drawing Tablets for Beginners 2019 [copy link]


The drawing tablet has many functions, it is very small and convenient to carry, and is very popular among people. It can be used as an auxiliary tool for work, or as a tool for children to learn drawing and writing. This article mainly introduces the best drawing tablet for kids.

A drawing tablet that functions like a keyboard. Of course, basically to input text or painting, but also with some mouse functions. Drawing Tablets commonly found on the market usually use a USB interface to connect to a computer.

Part 1: How to use pen tablet for drawing

1) Connect the drawing tablet to the computer USB port, and then install the driver automatically that comes with the tablet.

2) After the driver is installed, start the tablet application. If there is an icon on the desktop, click 3) Run to let the tablet enter the writing input state.

4) Then open the notepad or other text program inside the tablet and click on the mouse in the text program, this is the mouse will become the cursor.

5) Practice using a drawing tablet pen. This pen that lets you draw, just like you can draw with a real pen.

6) Try adjusting the pen and drawing board pressure on your app.

Part 2: How to buy a drawing tablet

Some specific methods for purchasing a drawing board

Input recognition rate:

The handwriting board recognition rate must reach 95% or more. If it is lower than this target, you will have to correct errors when inputting, which will affect the input efficiency.

1. Continuous writing and semantic analysis. It can correct the input type automatically, reduce the time for the computer to recognize characters,and speed up the input.

2. The function of re-segmentation and merging. When writing characters continuously, it may cause a mistake. With this feature, you can quickly change the wrong result.

3. The association of the lexicon. With this feature, users can build their own thesaurus and commonly used statements to speed up their use.

4. A variety of writing methods coexist. The tablet can recognize continuous strokes, cursive scripts, and pen-and-write writing to meet the needs of different users.

5. Support applications. With the development of the Internet, the application of the network has become more and more extensive, and some handwriting tablets can send E-mail and chat online, making the network more convenient and faster.

The board technology of drawing tablet

The writing tablet consists of a flat panel and a pressure sensitive pen. The tablet is mainly divided into a resistor pressure plate, a capacitor plate, and an electromagnetic pressure plate.

Among them, the resistor board technology is the oldest, and the capacitor board is mostly used in portable products because the stylus does not need a power supply. The electromagnetic board is currently the most mature technology.

After you understand these differences, you can choose the drawing tablet that suits you.

Part 3: Cheap drawing tablet with screen for kids

The kids' digital drawing pad uses a liquid crystal display to show what is written, and the removal of all content uses a weak current approach.Current is used to correct the liquid crystal molecules to achieve the effect of erasing the screen. At the same time, such materials and production processes have no blue light and will not harm the children's eyes.

1. Size

Kids writing boards vary in size, generally 8.5 inches, 10 and 13.5 inches. The large size is very suitable for use. Writing or painting will also feel that the space is very enough. The disadvantage is that the larger the screen, it is hard to carry outdoor.

2. Writing pen

For children's tablets, the design of the stylus is different. The flat stylus has a hand-feeling feel in the hand, the grip is not very comfortable,but it is convenient to carry and store, slightly sacrifices the grip of the stylus.

The cylindrical writing pen and real pen are relatively close, and the grip feeling is also very good. The middle finger and the index finger position are more comfortable to hold, and there is no feeling of picking up hands. I think the latter's grip is more suitable for children.

3. One Key to clear

The children handwriting board is designed with a button to clear all content. From the position point of view, the button is generally designed below the upper or upper left of the tablet. Because most children who use the right hand to hold the pen during the drawing can use the left hand to clear it, so that it is not necessary to stop the right hand and it is not easy for the child to misuse this key to delete the painting.

4. Battery design

Writing board battery power design. In the battery, screws are fixed to prevent the button battery from being accidentally disassembled by the child and taken by mistake.

5. Drawing Pens

Most drawing board are design with a place to store the pen. This is also very important design to avoid the child lose the pen accidentally. Even adults can easily lose magnetic pen of drawing board.

GEMWON LCD Writing Board is dust-free, environmentally friendly, and repeats writing and graffiti. The overall appearance is frame less design, and the flexible liquid crystal film technology makes the display more comfortable, and the notes are clear and does not hurt the eyes. The 9-inch writing screen allows you to write more space, and it won't be too heavy for you to carry outdoor.

To achieve these key elements, the purchase of cheap note drawing tablet will become very simple. For such a drawing tablet and pen, whether it is used for learning or toys, it is used as a message board or a recording board at home. It is an item that is cheap and can help you a lot.

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